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Big man skiis

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hem down the mountain...hushed them up quick. (not to mention that due to my size, you really shouldn't anger me)

Sooo...It is now 8-10 years later. I still have the SCX's but my first time back on the mountain in a while I demoed some Soloman that didn't do anything well and then some K2 Apache Crossfires I liked a lot.

The next day, I skied my SCX's and realized they are not a real stable ski and you almost HAVE to turn them. They LOVE to turn...don't really like going straight...which is a problem.

I wonder, what are the significant design differences in skis today and the old SCX's. (which can be a lot of fun)

Also, I guess i need new skiis and wonder, what heavier guys ski and still get a good flex? (I guess flex is not the right word these days) I don't want something too stiff....

Suggestions, thoughts?

Oh. I am also headed to Winter Park next week...any demo shop you can suggest would be helpful.

Boone, NC
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I should also add that I will mainly ski the southern east coast mountains as I now live in Boone, NC.

I do plan on several trips out west a year. I wont be hiking the backcountry any more...but may hit a few bowls on powder days...I will rent fatties on those days...
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Welcome to Epic!
I don't have any first hand gear info for you but I ski in your neck of the woods so maybe we'll take some turns sometime this season.

The GS skis and carvers out there with a radius around 18 or 19 might be what you're looking for for cruising. Head and Nordica have some nice ones.
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Yes, you can still get good flex. You can ski any flex you want even if you're heavy since no one is checking!
There's plenty of range.
Look in that "Favorite Carver" thread.
One huge change from yesteryear: there's a ridiculous # of models now. I can't keep up since they all have a lot of different names in each brand.
Couple thoughts off top of head: Nordica Speed Machine Mach. Want it a little stiffer - same but add the word "Power".

I had a few SCX's - yeah pretty radical shape. They don't make 'em that way anymore for good reason!
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Welcome. Can't quite get a grip on your current level, but as a rule of thumb, you can ski softer skis in longer lengths or stiffer skis in shorter lengths. Most big guys prefer the latter solution. Some ideas: Anything by Stockli; in your terrain the Cross would be great, more of a east/west mix would include the XXL. Head also makes some nice beefy skis; the iM78 in a longer length would work for you, or if you still want something really shaped, the SS in a longer length will still turn on a dime. Tog's rec of the Nordica Mach 3 is solid, and the Top Fuel would make a great east/west for you, manages to grip but turn in bumps, not an easy double.

If you want lighter and more lively, Fischer makes some excellent skis like the Progressor series that'll hold up under a big guy. The Dynastar Contact 4x4 is definitely beefy, and arcs all over the place, but like the higher numbered Progressors, demands some attention. The Elan 78Ti would be a great, GSish all-mountain for you, although hard to track down to demo. And although Rossi has a rep for light, soft skis, the new CX80 is apparently stiff, strong and stable, very well-reviewed. Won't rec K2's for you, just can't love them, but others here will, so something like the Recon I guess. Good luck.
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thanks all...not sure what happened to the first part of my post...basically said...I got these Elan SCX's 10 years ago and my buddies laughed at me until i went straight down the fall line and beat them down the mountain...things NEED to turn...

Thanks for the input...I keep reading about these Stocklis...I have never heard of them before joining this forum. What is the deal on them...their website is not the most developed in the market...Where can I demo them??? I am going to be in Winter Park next week...is there somewhere to demo them?
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LTW ... Welcome to Epic. You'll find the place here to be a good source for questions on skiing, sizing, recommendation, etc.

I don't have a good idea about your size and or ski ability ... knowing a bit more about these help with recommending skis.

For me, I'm a beefcake meeself - 6'-2" - 250lbs, and I ski Head Monster IM75 skis in a 184 length. These work pretty well on this side with the East Coast boiler plate ice. Too, these work well in the Rockies, especially on groomers, and fair in powder.
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I like to think I am a 7/8 skiier...however, i have taken a little break from skiiing and probably would not consider myself quite that good today. I am aggressive on the slopes but probably won't do anything real aggressive these days.

I like to take the fall line down and carve up a bit. Although, I also like to take wide turns and just fly...Certainly not a beginner but I am done with my jumping and hiking the off limits...
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