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I'm looking for a pair of komperdell NTs in 135... any ideas as to where I could score a pair before this coming Saturday?
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Probably be handy to know where you are.
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I'm in NYC, and will be til Friday evening, then heading up to VT/Flatton.
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uhh, start calling around shops in the city (sorry, i dont know many) and then if your willing to come up to westchester, check out hickory and tweed, pedigree, and ski haus. they are the three around here.

good luck man... start calling quick
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Buy them through SRD, online or over the phone. Have them shipped second day. Won't be cheap, but you'll have them. Or call Starting Gate, and Equipe Sports at Stratton. One of them may carry them, and ask them to hold them.
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You could try PMing Whiteroom. He has tons of Komperdell.
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