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Masterfit and how does it relate to instruction

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I am going to the Masterfit U clinic this week under the Associate program and am wondering what kind of things I should be looking for (asking questions) regarding how the boot fitting course would apply to instruction. I am taking the course more because I wanted to know more about the evaluation process for myself and signed up before I made the decision to try to apply for a job as an instructor. Now as I think about it more I think it might help in teaching but your thoughts?
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My current rant is that only a few instructors understand how boot fit relates to specific technical problems. So you are starting out ahead of the game. Kudos, D-chan!
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I have been thinking about attending Masterfit as well for the same reason that you initially had. I guess that I'll have to wait until next year, since they've already had it at Stratton this year. Please let us know what you think of the course. You are going to be some instructor when the time comes.

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dchan: The masterfit school has a lot of information packed into a short schedule. Its very worth while. Their main emphasis is on comfort and performance. They will relate much information during the class but you will put the pieces of the puzzle together by yourself just sitting through the class. You needn't ask many questions.
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Hi Dchan--

I think your question will answer itself as you attend the course. You'll learn a lot that is applicable to skiing, and if it applies to skiing, it applies to teaching! In particular, it will help you identify what movements and errors may be equipment-related, vs. just technique-related. And it will help you advise students when they may benefit from an alignment/boot specialist.

I have not actually attended a "Masterfit University" camp, but I have worked a fair bit with Bob Gleason, who is the training director/chief instructor (or something like that). He has lectured for PSIA trainers several times in the past few seasons (very informative and entertaining), and has participated in alignment clinics as well. He is well-tuned to the idea that you have to observe the skier actually skiing, in addition to the measurements taken in the "lab," to arrive at the optimal alignment/canting/footbed/fit solution. He likes to to work in conjunction with instructors--he does the measurements and initial adjustments, and the instructor then takes the person out on the snow for a few "test runs." Then they report back and refine....

I've even seen Bob Gleason arrive at contradictory solutions based on lab measurements vs. skiing observations. In these cases, he usually goes with the skiing! Then he goes back to see what he might have missed in the lab.

Anyway, the point is that Bob Gleason and Masterfit U. are pretty savvy when it comes to instruction and the real world of skiing. I don't think they'll lead you astray.

Have fun. Ask questions. Report back!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Oops--Pierre eh!--I just noticed that my advice to Dchan and yours are just the opposite regarding asking questions! You're probably right--their program is probably thorough enough that most questions will be answered without being asked. Still, I can't picture Dchan without a good question or two....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I will report more when I have time to digest all the stuff I learned but it was a great clinic. Lots of great info. I spent the whole day working with and picking GMOL's brain. He was a Kick to work with and talk to. He had an outline that the small class just pretty much tossed out and we just asked questions and he worked with us and answered. Then we got to tear up some boots and liners. grind holes stretch and mold shells and play with each other's feet.

More when I get back from France..
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