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Base repair - "light grooves"

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The kids have returned from a short trip and the snowboards are dry and have light grooves (tip to tail) on the base. Think of the pattern that course sandpaper would give.

I am wondering as a non-pro base tunner of how to approach this.

I have the basic fixit tools for ptex, edge etc. I usually do my own stuff (we have a quiver of 6 boards and 3 sets of skis) unless I think that they need to be ground - then I will take it to the local shop.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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Groves tip to tail don't matter, you don't need perfect bases.

Just sharpen the edges and wax them and send them on there way.

Most of my skis have some sort of base damage, it really doesn't matter.

If you have a big grove across the base and you feel it when you ski, then have it fixed.

Skis can take a lot of damage before you even notice any difference.
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As Max C said, not really much to fret over.

My recipe would probably be something like Scotchbrite pad followed by steel scraper then wax as usual.
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how deep? sounds like it may have been caused by kids skiing with dry bases and the snow simply did its share of wear and tear. Probably nothing to worry about as it'll be fixed next time you get a base grind but if you want to be really thorough you could throw on a base coat of very low temp wax (ch4) and then follow up with whatever you normally use.
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