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Steamboat 12 23-26

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Anyone looking to make some turns, let me know.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Anyone looking to make some turns, let me know.

I am..be right there... WAIT for me at the Gondie.
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sounds good and I wish you were here to show me how to ski 2 feet of powder properly

FYI- 19" at the tops as of 5 am. It's still puking here with another 8-10 possible today.......
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Dang Finn, you make a girl dream!!!

Go get some!!!
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I will take some pics and post. No one to ski with today, makes all that powder bittersweet. Powder is best when shared with good friends! Here's to ya'
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Thanks for sharing the day with my boys and me yesterday. It was fun for all of us to have someone to lead us around.

Unfortunately, we made it home last night without any problems, and I'm back in the office this morning. Wish we were there so you could laugh at me wallowing on my skinny skis in that deep snow!

Hope you're having fun in it!

Best regards,

Dennis, Josh, and Micah
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