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Nubs nob 11/20-22

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Well it was awesome thats for sure. Didn't get in in-time to do a half day of skiing but did some night skiing on saturday, buddy's alternator blew on the way up by saginaw. Who new it would be so hard to find a alternator for a jeep wrangler sport. So it was not to icy saturday evening but a little slick. Skied the Dynastar contact 10's on saturday night, awesome ski very powerful and light. Then woke up sunday morning to a nice surprise 3-4 inches of fluffy powder. It was sweeeet! Skied some nordicas, salomon, rossis and volkl on sunday. favorite of all was still the dynastar contact 10's. Big props to the guys in the demo department there they were awesome.
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Michigan is getting a crazy amount of snow
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that is for sure I only hope i can make it up there again sometime this season. It truly is a bang for the buck
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I haven't made it to Boyne or Nubs yet, but Crystal Mt has been getting its share of snow, as well as Caberfae. Both places have been Sweeeeeet!
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i havent skied caberfae in 2 years now hows the runs now
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Trekchick, I see your from the tip of the pinkie, any chance the 'loaf re-opening?
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Doubt that the loaf will reopen.
See this trip report

Northwesternnumer1, Caberfae is pretty much unchanged.
Still the place to ski if you want to just ski, but not a place to go to "resort"
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thats what i remember wish i had the money to go up and ski
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if you make it up this way, send me a pm. I'll see what I can dig up for discount tix.
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awesome that would def. help cause i dont think my shop gets discounts from them
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I learned to ski at Nub's when I was a townie in Harbor Springs... memories... thanks for the trip!
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Love Nubs, sorta have to since extended family run the joint.

And Caberfae too, both much more laid back than Boyne. I should be up at Caberfae next weekend, hope the snow is good!
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u know the manager, at nubs, were have u been all my life. hahaha
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