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TR: Hunter Mountain 12/23

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The first turns of the 08-09 season were finally going to happen. After the 2 hour 15 minute drive from Westchester to Hunter Mountain, the ski area, which is actually very far away from the actual peak of Hunter Mountain, came into view. The bizarre dynamite blown lay out of the ski area amazed me every time I saw this view. It was about 10:30 when I checked the temperature to find it was a cold 4 degrees WITHOUT wind chill on this cold and windy day. With 18 inches of snow, I thought I was heading into a nice powder day.

It took until five past 11 before I actually got on the slopes. As I took my skis and "hiked" to the Summit Quad, I found that there was a small 2 minute lift line to be found. The cold weather and road conditions probably scared away the crowds.

Sadly, due to the ferocious winds, the quad did not run at full speed and sometimes slower than the fixed grip triple next to it. But after the long trip up, I skied a great run down Belt Parkway, a long, long, blue run. Conditions were icy in the middle 400' vertical, but otherwise it was very soft.

As my Dad took a break from the freezing weather after only one run, I took a run on my own and headed back up. The Cliff to Eisenhower Drive; the best groomed run of the day. The top of The Cliff was perfect packed powder and the rest was sketchy in the middle and very soft on the edges of the run. There were (luckily) no guns running on it. And there was no one else to be seen on the trail! Eisenhower stayed good all day; I don't think I hit one piece of ice on the double fall line all day! There were snowguns going before the double fall line though . Yet the winds were hitting really hard now...

As my Dad rejoined me, we took a run down East Side Drive to Milky Way and back up the F Lift. East Side Drive was very icy, but Milky Way had a foot of untracked powder on skiers left! And yes, with a base underneath it. But this got tracked out in the next 30 minutes.

To take it back down to the base, we did The Cliff, now very icy in the middle and mediocre on the edges. I then skied Racer's Edge while my Dad skied Eisenhower Drive. Racer's Edge provided me with the first bumps of the season and were icy up top but okay in the bottom section. Hugging the skiers' left at the bottom provided me with about 8-10 inches of tracked out powder which was great. And plus it's well within the 35+ degree range for a turn or two!

Minya Konka to Lower Crossover to Kennedy Drive proceeded. Minya Konka had, overall, some good snow, while Lower Crossover was all ice. Kennedy Drive was decent, and I have mixed feelings with it (some ice, some soft snow, some nice bumps, some thin cover)

The next run was by myself as Dad had gotten cold again (wimp!). I noticed a 25-30 degree powder path with a skier track or two in there hosting a 5-20 foot cliff (depending where you drop) going for where The Cliff splits to Hellgate. I'm like "hell, looks good!" Foolish me. As I start skiing down it, I'm like "This is nice, snow up to my knee, untracked," but as I got half way down rocks appeared and I was pretty much skiing on over a foot of powder on rocks. I fall as I didn't expect the rocks and luckily I was taking my time so I didn't fall of the cliff. After getting up, I get a nice 5-10 foot jump of it! Another 8-10 inches and this is some great powder unmarked skiing. I then skied Racer's Edge again, but it was now beat up like crazy and all ice. Once at the bottom, I pleased myself to two pizzas and some pink lemonade!

After lunch, I wanted to hit Hunter West. As my Dad doesn't like ungroomed runs, I took another run by myself. My experiences on Claire's Way: ICE!!!!! As I was skiing the top of Claire's Way, I was just thinking to myself as I skied down some horrible ice, "Why am I always so unlucky?" But as the slope actually started to become steeper, some great snow and bumps formed. 1000' vertical of double diamond moguls? Priceless! Took two runs over here.

To get back down, I took Upper K27, which was groomed but all ice, to East Side Drive to Milky Way Glades. The glades had a very thin cover but I traversed away from the ski tracks and found some decent snow. I think I beat up my skis a little in there though. After Milky Way Glades I went down to the base via Kennedy Drive.

I took my dad then down to Jimmy Heuga Express to Dropoff, a run covered top to bottom in solid ice. Horrible.

Then White Cloud to Belt Parkway. Even worse than the run before.

Just before calling it a day, we skied The Cliff to Eisenhower Drive. The Cliff was pretty beat up but Eisenhower, I thought, was in prime condition with no ice when the double fall line starts.

The skiing seized for me at 3:05. Overall, a very mixed day. A foot of powder somewhere, blue ice at the same time yet another place.

Some additional notes:
Lower K27 has a thin cover but there were many tracks in there and looked very skiable.
Hellgate was getting blasted like crazy-- and it's one of my favorite runs at Hunter! And I don't touch runs that have snowmaking on it....
I'm missing one of my runs for the day lol since I had ended up with 12 and only listed 11...

Hopefully people read it... it's pretty darn long! And sorry for no pics-- didn't have a camera.
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Good report. Hellgate is the very heart of Hunter but Cliff is my favorite run there. Halfway down cloff you can ski off the skiers left side of the trail and boost a 4 - 8' or so cliff (depending on where you take off) back onto the run.
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Originally Posted by crank View Post
Halfway down cloff you can ski off the skiers left side of the trail and boost a 4 - 8' or so cliff (depending on where you take off) back onto the run.
Yeah, I saw that but I didn't jump it as I'm still "warming up". The biggest cliffs I took off were 3-5 feet with flat landings.
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