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Intermediate lessons in Colorado

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I'm looking to get a lesson sometime in the next week or so at one of our CO ski areas, and was wondering which one would be best. First, a little background and my goals.

I started skiing for the first time in November -- took 3 group lessons at Loveland. I can ski all blues (and some easy blacks) with confidence -- groomed or with small moguls are no problem -- large, closely-packed moguls slow me down. Until a few weeks ago, I was skiing with aggressive braking/skidding and lots of upper-body movement. Based on the feedback on this board, I've managed to cut out most of the skidding (I seemed to be sitting way back on my heels, leading to the skidding), and am now doing more complete, more carved turns (the difference is quite noticeable). I've managed to stop excessive upper-body movement, and am slowly working on upper/lower-body separation.

Private lessons are too expensive for me right now, so I'm looking at group lessons. Here's what I'd like to get out of a lesson:

(1) Low student/instructor ratio: the best class at Loveland was when there were just two of us with one instructor, and we got practically a private lesson. I can get out for the lesson on a Monday or Friday, and I'm hoping that will ensure a high probability of few students at my level?

(2) Learn proper (and get feedback on my current) stance and carving techniques on groomed runs.

(3) Learn to negotiate bumps.

(4) Learn to ski powder.

(5) As a result of learning #2-4, hopefully start tackling the harder blacks.

So based on where I am, and what I would like to achieve, where would be the best place for lessons?

As I mentioned, I can make a Monday or Friday lesson in order to avoid the weekend crowds if necessary. The places that I'm looking at are: Loveland, Winter Park, A-Basin, Keystone, Breck, Copper, and Vail.

I'm leaning towards an Intermediate group lesson I saw on the Winter Park website for 2.5 hours for $50 ($85 w/ lift tickets), which covers parallel skiing, bumps, and powder. Any suggestions?

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I would suggest taking an all day lesson. At Breck, the all day lessons are not significantly more expensive than the half-day and you get much more out of the all day lessons. I think Copper and Breck have multi-lesson packages that you can purchase at a disocunt from the regular lesson price. This might be a good way to go as well.

Breck has a deal this year that if you have the Colorado Pass, you could purchase unlimited lessons for $129.00. They are not being sold any longer but this is something you may want to look into next year.
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All day lesson @ Breck. Ask for Matt Belleville.
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it sounds as if you are in the Level 6/7 range.
With group lessons, you can't necessarily pick your instructor. However, if you go to Breckenridge and you are on Peak 9 here are a list of some top pros:
Matt Belleville
Randy Brooks
Rick Herwehe

If you are on Peak 8 (usually smaller classes at the 6/7 levels than Peak 9):
Jenn Losch
Jan Degerberg
Carl Richter
Tony Caldwell

Drop me a line if I can help,
Jon Lawson - jlawson@skipros.com

Breck (Peak 8 Ski School)
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