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Just skied this wax for the past 4 day's. Granted the snow was awesome here in the northeast. Fresh snow every day dry light powder.

Waxed the skis last Thursday night. Didn't do a special prep just added this to whatever was there.

Skied my AC40's on Friday with this wax over Dominator Zoom. I think this wax is close to Dominator Hyperzoom that I normally use. It's a little cheaper but feels just as nice.

Saturday in the big dump, I skied my 1080 Guns which I scrapped the summer wax off and coated them with Dr D's all temp flouro. They seemed a little slower then the AC40's but that could have been the mixture of yellow in there. After lunch a put the AC40's back on and they felt as good as the day before.

Skied the AC40's Sunday and Monday and they felt as easy and fast as the day's before.

I think the biggest thing I can say about this wax is that, Miss Demanding said her skis felt fine all weekend nice glide. That's BIG.

I will say the wax is a bit harder to drip on so I mushed it on the bottom of the iron and then put the iron on the ski in a circular pattern. Kind of like waxing a car. Then just ironed it on.

I even did my old AC4's tonight before I left VT.

To Dr D and his All Temp Flouro Wax A big