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I have watched several videos on this and is it best to have the scraper angled toward you at a 45 degree angle or angled away from you?

I do always pull the scraper toward me working from tip to tail.
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Personal preference. Some like to push, others pull. The little maestro in this clip is pulling at 45 to 60° with a very sharp scraper.
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I prefer to pull the scraper towards me but does it matter if the scraper is angled \ or should it be angled / or does it really not matter as long as the wax is removed before brushing?
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Doesn't matter.

The harder the wax, the closer the scraper gets to vertical.
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Angle the scraper in the direction of travel so the 'face' collects the scrapings.

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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
Doesn't matter.
You also don't need to get it all off, it will ski off in a short time.

This is not rocket science.
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I let the first run scrape for me.

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