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just got skis!!!!!!

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4frnt msps 187cm. They look pretty sick. Just ordered them for $350. Big mountain comps here I come!!!!!
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nice. those look like fun skis.

what comps do you plan on doing this year?
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I am trying to get into the kirkwood comp, but I realize it is full. It sucks that it filled up that fast. I think Ive talked to you before, Im the 17 year old and am DYING to try one of these comps.
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o man, i see those big mountain Kirkwood comps on Rush HD, those are awesome. its by far my favorite channel, its the most pow action i get living in the east
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Good looking ski, good all-around size. What bindings you putting on them?

Have you gotten on the waiting list for the Kwood comp yet? I've heard several people have gotten in that way already.
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Im gonna put on some s912s. How do you get on the waiting list? Ive know the site wasnt able to figure it out.
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Never mind I figured it out, im on the wait list
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