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Hi, I've noticed that there seems to be a difference on my ability to ride a flat ski depending on the width of the ski that I'm on. My boots are ground 3 deg. right and 2 left (I'm pretty knock kneed). When I'm on narrower waisted skis I tend towards being more on my inside edges and find it easier to engage the edges. On wider skis I tend to feel the skis are riding flatter, and it takes a bit more effort to get on the edges. On the other hand the wider skis are easier to release and to pivot. I suppose that works out pretty well because I usually want to carve more on the narrower skis and less on the wider ones. I also tried putting a cant under the bindings of my (really narrow) skate skis and hated it. There was way too much edge all the time. So, I guess my question is should different skis be canted differently? I wonder if it's better to cant the skis rather than grind the boots? Thanks, Bill