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mantra vs. gottama

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Hi all.
I'm 5'8" 185 lbs.
I cant decide between the mantra or gottama and any advice (from anyone) would be appreciated.
I'm an aggressive telemark skiier who likes long radius high speed turns and have been skiing my whole life (telemarking for 13 yrs or so). I patrolled here at park city, Ut. on pins for 5 years on upper rotation and am a decent skiier.
I want a ski that doesn't chatter or tip flex at high speeds on groomed, but I really live for steep and deep skiing and will hike and go backcountry exclusively when alone (not backcountry) or skiing with friends who are similarly inclined and able.
I will, also do short radius groomers or bumps or whatever when skiing with people who like that sort of thing or when that is all that is available or safe.
My previous favorite ski was the atomic 10ex because of the stability at speed. I have always liked a longer ski- 188 or 196ish.
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Get the Mantra (or expend your search to different brands... there are plenty of good skis not labeled 'Volkl').
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What he said. Mantras are much beloved for AT, Tele because of their weight for width ratio. Hard to go wrong. But OTOH, a LOT of nice skis out there for your mission. Ranging from harder core OB sticks like the Havoc, Janak Bro, or Head Monster 95 OB to fat light BM skis like the DBS Wailer or BD Verdict to sidebounds skis like the Argos. Go check over at TGR for the best info.
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Thanks for replying. Should i go 184 or 191? Does it (mantra) tend to ski longer or shorter?
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Ummmm, Telemarktips.com?
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The Mantra doesn't ski 'long' at all, it feels pretty true to size I'd say.

You say you like 188cm to 196cm skis... that would be the 191cm.
You also say you're 5'8", 185... that would suggest a 184cm.

You know you.
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Go for a Blizzard Argos...They're the new Volkl's!

Seriously though, you can even get a plate adapter that will accept a tele binding. Available in a 180 and 187.
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