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TR: Vail Powder Day 12.20.08

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Another amazing Vail Powder Day and it's not even Christmas!!!Saturday at Vail was spectacular. It was snowing and blowing so hard that nobody was there. China Bowl and Blue Sky Basin were closed. Sun Down Bowl closed around noon. Vail is so big that even without the bowls there is a ton of terrain. Actually the best stuff is on the front side. So I picked one of my favorite powder stashes and did laps. Untracked deep powder every run. I skied until I couldn't make another turn. It was a three hour white knuckle drive each way but it was worth it.

I was skiing solo so just got some pics of terrain and some low res POV footage of some tree runs. A Sharpshooter guy took a picture of me on the way down to the lift. If you look past the watermark you can see how deep it was on the groomers. If anyone was up there Sunday I would love to know how the bowls were?

Sun Though The Snowstorm

Powder In The Trees

Break In The Storm

Sharpshooter Picture

POV Powder Run Through The Trees
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Scary, I like your trip reports. I will be in Summit County the first week in February. If you are skiing that week, let's meet for some runs. I'll bring my camcorder.

Nice sharpshooter shot. Did you buy it?
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Nice pics & vid! Yeah, Vail just keeps delivering. We had some great OB lines off Pete's that day--lots of pillows and fun drops. Unfortunately, I was riding my AT gear b/c the group was going to do East Vail chutes (yes there are safe lines back there), and my #%@#$% Naxo heelpiece released on me at high speeds on a groomer and threw me face down & dinged up my ribs. That was the injury to insult, by the time the group decided to go I had to get back to work.

Yesterday (Sunday) was another great day there. A bit of a mixed bag, crud, bumps, cream-cheese powder in the lee of Blue Sky Basin. I'd have to say the highlight of my day was coming down the ridge by Lover's Leap though. 46 & 2 was in front of me & slammed on the brakes. I thought I was trying to avoid the double bump, so I just kept rolling and floated over it...right onto the sastrugi. What ride! I think my teeth must be several millimeters shorter due to all the rattling. Other than that little incident, the skiing was universally excellent.
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I knew Sunday was going to be off the hook. Glad to see someone here got to enjoy all the snow. My backcountry adventures are pretty limited now because I only have 1 friend with any BC experience and don't like to hike alone. East Vail has to be super extreme dangerous because of all the wind load. Be careful!!!

Vail has been getting pummeled with snow so I've already used 4 days out of 10 on my pass. I apologize for all the TR's from there . My pass is blacked out so I'm gonna hit some other places for the next couple weeks. The whole $99 Intrawest 3pack has me thinking I might want to go to Winter Park and Copper.

I'd like to hook up some Bears and ski sometime. That way I can have someone take my picture and not have to pay $35 for it...I'm pretty rude to the Sharpshooter guys. Usually I try and give them a big tail spray. I put a Nikon D50 on my Christmas list. Hopefully Santa delivers and my TR's will have some better photos. I'm getting tired of having no control over exposure and focus. I'm getting alot better with Photoshop though.
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Sunday was c-c-cold, but easier than Saturday. At least you could see and the wind was down.

Lover's Leap and Steep 'n Deep off Skyline (37) in Blue Sky where the best hits of the day.

The snow was still light, soft and easy to ski. A perfect pitch.

Under the chair on Pete's and Skyline were also fun. I'm amazed nobody touched them for so long.

Out of the trees, east aspects (Gorky Park, Orient Express, Jade Glade) in the Bowls were soft. West aspects (Windows, Wow, Bolshoi) were stiffer and wind-savaged. The harder chunk was still fun. Just had to keep the speed up, in a low squat.

After 3 days of this, I'm ready for a walker and a butt massage.
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I will also be in Summit County, but in early January and will be beaten up by Vail. The quality of that panoramic picture is excellent and makes me want to be there.
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