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I am looking for a Volkl P60 in a 173. I had one before and would like another one for skiing in PA. I have a 182 and love it for places like Killington, but not in around here.

Let me know what you have. Thanks.

Best regards,

PS Happy Holidays to all!
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I have a pair of Fischer Worldcup RC4 GS skis in 173. Older yellow/black letter color combo from around 2003 or so. They had a core shot that was shop base welded a pair of Fischer/Tyrolia 17 din bindings mounted up on the riser plate.

Probably a little softer and less camber than when they were new, but definitely skiable and usable.

I'd like $120 out of them plus shipping with the bindings, or would consider offers if interested without the bindings.

Shipping would be from Western PA also.
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I will have to pass, but thanks for the offer!

Happy Holidays,
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