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p90 or blend?

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I'm looking for a new pair of skis for firmer snow. Right now I have ep pros and am looking to get something more big-mountain oriented for the other end of my quiver. I am looking at line blends and line prophet 90s. Are these skis very different? I have read that they are the same other than the metal/carbon matrix. I want a pair of skis that I could potentially enter a big mountain comp with. I want around 90mm underfoot. If anybody has any other ski suggestions, send them my way. Looking to spend under about $400.
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how bout
Fischer misfits - 129 – 96 – 119
volkl mantra - 133-96-116
volkl bridges - 130-92-112
k2 kung fujas - 125/95/120
armada ARV - [165cm] 120 / 89 / 109mm; [175cm] 125 / 92 / 114mm; [185] 130 / 95 / 119mm

not sure about prices really, didnt do to much research on those, but all thoe have you low to mid 90 upderfoot and probably would do great in a big mountain comp
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Gaper here,
but from what I understand if you want the burlier ski, it would be the prophets..
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What about liberty hazmats?
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I dont know how serious you are about doing comps but I made the mistake of using a soft twin.

preran the course the day before in powder, only to get hard pack and sun baked hard pack on my run. no fun.

Keep you EP pros and get something much stiffer. Most twin tips are to soft for big mountain comp there are exception like ANTS,but they are far from the rule.

skis I would recommend

186cm IM88 for the hardest courses if your looking around 90mm underfoot this is what I would get with out question
186 or 194 older than 07 LP
184 or 189 squads
Head IM103
Blizzard titan argos
stiff or super stiff bro in the right length

there are tons of other but this is what I think of when I think 'comp' ski

you want a crud buster thats pretty stiff. The 90 is nice but it aint a LP.
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The new blend is 100 underfoot, so it's actually the same dimensions as the prophet 100, not the prophet 90. The blend is also more of a freestyle jib stick than the prophet, so it probably wouldn't be the best option for a big mountain comp. The 90 could be a fine choice, but as others have mentioned there may be some equal/better options out there. Probably the best ski for big mountain in Line's lineup is the new Mothership, but it sounds like it's a bit wider than what you're looking for (111 waist).
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