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Powdercane Hits Gore Mtn. NY

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Having never (ever) skied in the West, I had never experienced waist-deep powder--until today! Gore Mountain (NY) was absolutely covered with the stuff, especially the new Sagamore trail, which is part of Gore's Burnt Ridge Mountain expansion. All of Gore's trails had at least 6" of fluff, which is a great break from the "packed powder" routine. The glades I skied (Tahawus and Twister) had good, but not perfect, coverage.

Instead of my usual RX8's I brought my Watea 78's, but I wish I had brough something even wider.

Even better news, Gore isn't the only ski area in the East that is experiencing epic conditions. Most of the East Coast appears to be getting blanketed. Please feel free to post to report on conditions at other eastern resorts.


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STE - I agree!
Skied Gore yesterday - epic conditions! Sagamore on Burnt Ridge was sweet. Got knee deep light dry powder in Darby woods at 2pm!
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At my house in Westchester NY, I was racking up knee deep powder on 30-80 foot vertical! (depending on which path I took, vertical varied)

Hunter Mountain tomorrow! Save the powder for me I hope...
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Get there quick. Looks like rain on the 24th for southern NY and New England. Typical.
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You can find my TR to Hunter here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=77471

There was powder, mostly tracked out, but lots and lots of ice in other places on the mountain. And hope it doesn't rain tomorrow as I'm supposed to go back up Thursday (Lower K27 and Claire's Way should be 100% open by then if it doesn't rain) or hit Windham.
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Due in part to the forecast JimH mentioned (possible rain tomorrow), I skied Gore again today and it was great, but not like Sunday. Rumor was open for a while (not from the top) and it was very nice with plenty of deep snow (the consistency was a bit stickier than pure powder but the sheer quantity was impressive). To the skiers right on Sagamore there was still plenty of knee deep powder. One of my buddies fell while he was skiing the powder on Sagamore and only his head was visible (rest was buried in pow). Another skier took a picture of him before my friend was able to get up.

Doghouse, unfortunately I did not get to ski Darby Woods (both the High Peaks and North Quad lifts were closed, so it wasn't even possible to poach it). However, one of my buddies agreed that Darby Woods offered excellent skiing while it was open on Sat.

SkiKing4, not sure why it was so cold at Hunter, it wasn't nearly that cold at Gore today. The forecast was for temps of around 10 deg. F (w. windchill), but it was warmer than that until approx. 3:00. I know it's a long drive from Westchester (3.5 hrs?), but you need to head up to the 'Dacks from time to time.
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