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high-flex boots for an intermediate skier?

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I'm buying new gear for the season... I ski mostly on blue (this will be 2nd ski season, I am 160lb, 5'9, foot size 8), and from the sticky thread of this forum, people seems suggesting buying the highest quality boots - the high quality ones seem to be all very high flex (90 or higher), so what is the pro and cons of high flex ski boots for an intermediate level skier? should I instead buy a recreation level ski boot and upgrade later on? also how important is the "last" spec, do I need to care to "last" if the boot fits me well (based on leaving 1-2 cm after I inserted my foot to the shell)

Thanks very much!
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well boots with hardly any flex will give you a ton of control, racers basically have no flex and their boots are very very tight. This gives them the most control over their skis. this boots tend to kill your feet for the most part

a boot with lots of flex is usually for park. there is one boot i have tried that had basically two buckles, and it was so flexy that i dont know how you could ski in it. but when you hit jumps, and you get jerked around on landings, you'll be glad. otherwise, these boots have a lot less control but are a lot more comfy

now your not going to be in the park, and your not going to be racing. this put you right in between, you want to be comfortable, nice warm feet and all, but you also want to be able to control your skis well. so you want to have a boot right in the middle.

im 16, i've skied for 13 years, i got my first new pair of boots, and i choose more of a park oriented boot that is not to soft. its great for all mountain skiing, its forgiving in the park, stiff enough for carving, and just comfy when getting jerked around in trees and what not. i wouldnt exactly suggest this boot for you (its the Dalbello Rave), but i would suggest a boot like it. your going to want to find something thats really stiff, but also really comfy. a good liner and what not. good luck man, thats all i know, sorry i cant suggest anything specific
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Something with a flex of 90 to 100 is entirely appropriate for a light to normal male intermediate. Generally, softer flexes (for you, say below 80) are useful for the park, softer snow, backside, and bumps, where you want the boot to absorb some of the forces coming at you unexpectedly from the snow (and maybe some of your mistakes going down to the snow). Stiffer flexes (for you, say above 95) are useful for hardpack and ice, where you want maximum transmission of force to the edge, and there'll be fewer surface surprises. I'm roughly your weight, advanced, for recreational use a 90-100 out west, a 110 back east. Remember also that F=aM, so if you ski faster, you'll want a bit more stiffness to compensate, vice versa.
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Also consider the normal temperature of your location. If you're skiing in Northern VT or Quebec, don't go too stiff unless that is what you want. Even a medium flex turns into stiff in frigid temps.
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I am an expert skier and I personally cant stand anything under 120. But, Im 17 and have skied for 14 years, so im a bit biased to you.
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