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Info on Salomon X Scream

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I have Salomon X Scream series with prolink in 179 cm today. Really like this ski. I am in the market for an all mountain ski that would be even better for the bumps, woods, steeps, deeper snow and crud. So, I was thinking the best way to pick my next ski is to get the specifications on the one I have. Then I can use this as a reference point when selecting a new pair. So, is there a way to get the details on an older ski? Think this is a 2005 model ski.

Dimension for tip, under foot and tail? Side cut? flex rating? and a general description of where it fit in the salomon line when offered would all be good to know.

Anyone have any of this info or an idea on where I could research this a bit?

Pic attached, perhaps this will help people sort out which one I have because there are a lot of Xscreams out there.

Thanks, Gregg
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For the dimensions such at width and turn radius you could look at the tail of your skis. Salomon and most manufacturers print the dimensions on the skis. As for flex rating...no such thing.

Your ski was (skipping generations) eventually replaced by the Fury and Tornado. That being said I wouldn't try to replace your skis with something similiar. Today's skis have progressed and there is so much variation and so much more ability that I would recomend you demo
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dimensions should be something around 106-68-96 with a turning radius of 18. couldnt find the exact ones, that was just one extreme model, so it will be around there. definitely check the skis though

check this site, just found it http://www.geocities.com/v_ssss_ski/Ski_salomon.htm
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I found SC 106 68 96 on the tail. Is this from tip to tail? Very surprised at 68mm underfoot, thought this ski was around 78 for some reason.

Any comments on the flex of this ski in general? Prior to this ski I always had race skis (slalom usually, one GS Volkl P50). This ski is softer than those skis and I kind of like this in the bumps, just wondering how it stands up to all mountain skis in terms of flex.

Based on this info, I'll likely look at all mountain skis around 78 mm or so (thinking head, volkl, k2 but pretty open to others).

I'm Vermont based for skiing, so I'll track down some good demo days. can't wait to try these new offerings out.
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Thanks Dubsman, great info. Thanks for the link.

Wow, are these 2003 skis???I think you just helped me further justify some new boards. Yahoo.
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Don't get all caught up in dimensions, they make a difference but they do not totally define the personality of the ski. If you were happy with the X-Screams then a good starting point is the aforementioned Solly Tornado. While it is wider and has a tighter turn radius, it will have a similar personality to the Scream (ie: light, nimble, high fun factor) If you liked your old ones, it's a safe bet that you'll like these too.

If you want something with a different feel, naturally, there are lots of choices.

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why not try the salomon lord?
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I skied the X-Scream Series for years & really liked 'em, but today's skis are so much more versatile & are easier to ski. I demo'd a pair of 184 Salomon XW Fury's last year and was very impressed. They seemed comparable to the old X-Screams in "fun factor", stability, and edge grip, but were much easier to ski in the soft/deep or variable snow conditions. You might want to give 'em a try.
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