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Instructors in Europe (Val D'Isere).

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Hi all! New to the forums and trying to learn as much as possible.
I live in the U.K and am travelling to Val D'Isere for a vacation later in January and hoped someone could suggest a teacher/school. I am wanting to devote all of my time to getting better in the bumps, something I seem to struggle with.
I have no real problems getting down pretty much any bump fields but struggle to do it in a positive fall line (zipper line) style, ( I seem to use more of a long traverse).
I am 28 years old, male and been skiing about 8 years and have skied terrain in Whistler, Verbier, Tignes, Zermatt, etc. I have been skiing about 4 weeks per season for the last few years.
Hope some of you can help.
Many thanks.
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Of all the places I have been to , Val d'Isere's Ecole de Ski had the best skiing instructors. ( What I am trying to say is, they were ALL phantastic skiers-which is not the case in other ski schools). It was impressive. How they teach I dont know.
They also have the biggest moguls there that I have seen. I dont think you want to ski the zipper line through there. But there are other (better ?) ways of skiing moguls.
Bonne chance
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Thanks for the reply Biowolf, I will see if the Ecole du Ski provide a course aimed at mogul skiing.
On another note I see you are from Whistler, I went there two years ago and to date it is my favourite ski resort bar none.....fantastic terrain, friendly people and great prices (compared to Europe). I wish European resorts were as friendly as Canadian/U.S!
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You could also try conning The Man from Oz into skiing with you while he is over in France soon.....
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The two places I'd recommend are:
Evolution 2
The Development Centre

I have used Evolution before (and ESF), and the Evolution guys were more friendly. TDC comes recommended from other friends - you can PM me if you want more details.

I was speaking to a couple of fiends this morning who have just got back from Tignes, and were saying the conditions there were great.


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Wear the fox hat, many thanks. I had a look at the links you gave me and sent an e-mail to both, I will let you know the outcome!
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I used Evolution2. They have privates and groups, for bumps take only the black group (i took the red, it was what the girl at the counter said suited my described ability, but it was too low level) They have many good instructors that speak english very well. I was very impressed by a female instructor named Annet.
The other one is a group of young brits, their group classes are full day, they focus on off piste and bumps, and the price was 190 euro for 3 days (the only duration available). Didn't use them but they seemed nice and profesional/
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