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I *love* the fit on my Leedom Scream, but the soft foam inside is pretty badly degrading (the coolmax liner pulled away from it and it's sloughing yellow dust... ick) so it's time for a new helmet. Giros dont' quite fit right, and the build quality of the Boeri I got was meh (returning both on Monday - too bad about the Giro, the Omen Audio is such a nice helmet ). So looks like I'm back to leedom...

I'd prefer not to look quite so top-gun this time, so I'm probably going to buy a Prophet. However, I've had a hell of a time finding one in stock somewhere to try on. I know the Scream fits me perfectly, but does anybody know if all of their helmets use the same headform and fit similarly? I assume they do, but better safe than sorry. Worst comes to worst i'll buy another fighter pilot helmet!

I've also emailed Leedom but it's been a couple days and no response.