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Celebrity Slalom

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Anybody see Kevin Costner and Matt Lowery run a course on the Today show this morning? Get thee to ski school! Costner described himself as an intermediate and proved it.. I kept thinking, a week at a camp would probably fix most of that, if the interest was there. But Lowery was a real gamer.. much less experienced but athletic and aggressive.. pulled a phantom foot move! Oh yeah! he's been paying attention, and he seemed to really be having fun. anyway I thought it was cool that the public got to see some ordinary skiers (maybe too ordinary} during the Olympics.

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What kind of skis were they on? What course?
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It was a pretty low angle Nastar type course at The Canyons.. They were both in the backseat but it was snowing heavily and perhaps were'nt used to it. Costner was more experienced and gave Lowery a gate head start, but skied in the classic "tripod" intermediate rut stance; skis flat.' legs straight up to the knee, butt cantileivered over the tails.Muscleing around the corner. Lowery, though newer to the sport, had a more upright stance, was flexed at the ankle and started one turn, that I could see, by picking up his inside ski and tipping it into the new turn. as for skis all I could see was the tips and Costner's looked like '00 Volkls {how's that for a guess?}

it was kinda disappointing.. to bad they could'nt get Arnie{the real one} after all, he is Austrian.

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Hey Wigs--you there? Go ahead--tell 'em the shocking truth about the reality of "celebrity skiing skills"!

It does amaze me that so many celebrities, presumably of at least average fitness and athleticism, with presumably so much disposable time and income, who take so many lessons from so many top instructors at Aspen and elsewhere, ski so poorly! I understand that even Austrian genes don't necessarily help....

What's up?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Well, it's true that the Pros here in Aspen get more than their share of celebs. And, Bob, I'm not sure that they take lessons, so much as it just looks good to have a Pro tagging along with them. The benefits------------- Don't have to stand in line with all the lackeys, Don't have to ride the chair with all the common folk, Can get a res at the restaurant at the top of the hill without using their name, just let the Pro do it. : Well I'm being a little hard on some of them, but not on all of them. Most lessons I've had with celebs are like I described above. And they really aren't interested in someone trying to help them with there skiing. They don't listen much, or are willing to try something new. But there are some that are really into learning, and just like you and me, want to get better at skiing. But I got to say, there are not to many Celebs out there that are better than a level 5-6.-------------Wigs : :

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Bob, what's worse is that in the entertainment press, many are described as "skilled" or "accomplished" skiers!
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