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could not wait...

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so who else could not wait to take the brand new skis out and gouge the **** out of them on the first day?
who else loves to do the resort's mowing for it with your (formerly) virgin edges?

my poor babies...
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Look at the bright side. Now you can stop worrying about them and enjoy them.
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Nothing a File and P-tex can't fix.
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Happened to me. Luckily mine aren't brand new. Sucks, but what are you gonna do?
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While not quite new, I have a pair I only have a few days on from last year. Anyway, I took them too the office a few weeks ago and they've been sitting in the corner waiting for some bare spots to disappear on the hill. I went to haul them out yesterday.. walk across the parking lot.. drop the skis on the ground.. and DOH! No leashes! I considered tying some string to my boots, but that's always a pain.

So, back to the office I go, grab my old Karhu's, and head back out. Thirty seconds later I ran over a rock and put a nice gouge in my base. Missing leashes? More like good karma.
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