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Numb toes for months

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I'm in 25.5 Atomic Race Techs TI extra softs. I've had problems with my toes going numb for months after one or two ski days each season. It's a partial numbness, primarily in the big toes (especially of my left foot).

I had some custom footbeds that I took out because they were too high volume. I replaced them with blue Superfeet, and I thought the problem was cured until today. I used slightly thicker socks than my usual ultra-thin ones, and now my toes are numb again.

I've already had a lot of room ground into both boots (especially the left one). I even had the boot board ground down. I'm thinking that either it's pinching around the heel somewhere, or that the Atomics have too low of an instep for me. I love the boots performance-wise, but I'm about to give up on them.
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what happens if you use the blue footbed and the ultra thin socks that you normally wear???

the boot could be pinching at either point that you suggest, but i would suggest trying the combination above rather than the thicker sock.... even a few microns of sock thickness can make a vast difference in fit and comfort. if the thin sock doesn't work then you may just need a litle bit more grinding.

so try the sock and if not successful get to one of the listed fitters and have them assessed
good luck
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I think you are right. I used the thin socks and blue footbeds for a while, and didn't have any major problems. In fact, they have been getting more comfortable as the liners pack out. The difference in socks is huge. It's the ultra-thin smartwools vs. the thin smartwool racing or whatever. I still get numb toes, but at least I don't get frostbite or pain as my feet dethaw. I may get a boot glove, warming device, or thermal slip to put under the footbed. I would like them to be comfortable. I'll go up to Larry's again (thanks rspacher). They already did most of the grinding, but I may get a little more work done on them.
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Since it sounds like your feet are going numb due to pressure/cold (and you've solved half the problem), consider asking your doc for some nifedipine 1-2% in topical cream. Works great to increase local blood flow.
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