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Sugarbush 12/16-12/18 (pics)

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My actual vacation went from 12/14-12/19 but due to poor weather early and late I only got 3 days of actual skiing in.

12/16: The previous day it had been in the low 40's and rained wearing away whatever cover had been there from the previous weeks and leaving a nice sheet of ice to ski down.

However, there were still some decent runs to be had. This is from the top of Organgrinder

12/17: We got lucky on this day, Mother Nature dumped 8" of fresh powder on the mountain for me to play in.

Going up Valley House

Going up Heaven's Gate

Afterwards...I forgot how much work powder actually was

12/18: This by far was the best day IMO. All of the powder had been packed and groomed which made for a nice easy crusing day of skiing, which is what Im all about.

Heaven's Gate again

Looking down at Allyn's Lodge

I didnt realize how much I missed skiing. This was my first time on a pair of skis in 11 years and it was great. And after a 1/2 day I was skiing at almost the same level I was before. I hope I get on the slopes alot more this year.
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Nice- good for you the snow finally came!!! Nothing more frustrating than a ski vaca with no snow. Tends to = a lot of drinking
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Welcome and welcome back! Thanks for the report. I gotta get back to the Bush this year
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Cool pics. They have really cleared the area around Allyn's lodge since I was last up there.
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Sweet... the place dosen't look too bad after the dump!
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Nice TR. I was up there 12/12-12/14. It looks like things shaped up nicely for you!!
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I was at Stowe until the 16th. Rain and marginal snow on the 15th, but the rest of the time was great!
Glad you got some good conditions for your......Welcome back!
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