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And I have to work today!

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All the New England mountains are reporting 8-10" of new snow overnight!

And I have to work today!

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Worse than that is having 11" of powder less than 30 minutes away and a sseason pass but driving to CT with the family for a Christmas Party. Knowing full well that the 3 hour drive is going to last at least 4.5 if not 5 hours! Each way.
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I am not skiing this weekend either.

Starting Monday I will be teaching for two straight weeks (minus a day and a half at xmass) so i figured I would give the SO this weekend at home to see all of her friends who are in from out of town.

Sunday night / Monday's storm is supposed to be bigger anyways.
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I know the feeling... we have a huge snowstorm and I am actually stuck at work. That's right, they wont let me leave.

And of course the mountain (well bump) has a webcam so all I can do is WATCH people ski!!!
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Alright, I take it back... the local hill is closed due to the blizzard. At least if I can't ski, no one can!
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I am also unable to ski today. Went last night in the midst of the blizzard, took a pretty hard fall and tweaked an already injured knee. Can hardly walk today, but oh well I got the snow last night when it was fresh and the hill was empty.

Today it's probably been groomed out and given the bluebird conditions, the place is probably mobbed, it wouldn't have been any fun. Yup Dumpy, keep telling yourself that
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Ok , sorry to have to tell all of you, I was at Killington today and in places in the woods, mid thigh deep, at least 14-18" on the trails, nice fluffy stuff, light and airy. Still a fair amount of untracked off the beaten path for tomorrow.
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Will be up soon, I have 4 days of "work" before coming up to VT.
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I was skiing shin deep on trail today at Stowe. I've been lassoed by the early season puckerbrush before even though the woods are skiable, I'm waiting 'til that stuff gets buried. It's a long season.
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Sounds much better than the creme' brulle' snow we had last week, eh?
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Yeah, it was blow it off your car light. Of course it was also blow right through it onto the dirt light if you skied in the wrong place. (Got a little date with the diamond stones tonight...)
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Yea, my F17's needed a some care after skiing on Monday. Great time skiing!
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I was out yesterday and drove back in the storm-a usual 45 minute drive took 2 hours (yep, had to get to work). I'll be out tomorrow and we're supposed to get another storm, so I can't complain too much. BTW, Bristol is saying they got 10-12" of new snow-no big deal for you Westerners, but a lot for us folks.
Boy, ever for a sort of semi-retired guy this work thing gets in the way!
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Mt Snow today was orders-of-magnitude better than Whistler was last weekend.

Go figure.
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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post
Mt Snow today was orders-of-magnitude better than Whistler was last weekend.

Go figure.
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