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Golf In Arizona

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How's it going guys.

Im off to Arizona on December 27th till the 2nd of January, Ive been looking around online at courses but nothing is really that affordable all $110-150+. Being Canadian and the crappy exchange rate we are getting this year I'm looking for some more affordable courses. 50-60 dollar range would be great.

We are staying in Scottsdale and nothing seems to be cheap in this city so I don't mind going for a drive.

Being my first time here I'm probably going to splurge on a couple rounds and play the Troon courses and TPC Scottsdale.

But any help finding a couple of cheap courses would be great!

Thanks, Look forward to hearing from some of you

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Silverado, Scottsdale

Also with all due respect to my friends on epic, the question is discussed constantly here:


Do a search, or sign up and post your question again. Very rarely do folks jong you on 4gea.....

Have fun....

BTW Flagstaff Snow Bowl is open just got about 40"
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