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Anyone Catch the Mountain Dew Tour?

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Mountain Dew

I was working the welcome center at Breck today. I have not seen the mountain so crowded all season. Unfortunately, I was down in the town. Did anyone catch the show?
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Naw. I caught the Gran Prix at Copper last Sat. Exciting stuff. I got to talk to Shaun White his-self at Copper two weeks ago. He was low-key, covered up, and trying to keep it that way. I didn't blow his cover.
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Cool! OT: Great job on the Rollick articles!
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Thanks LM! I've only had to rewrite one. It got too technical. I've got a few more snowboard articles to write and they've offered to let me write some beer articles too! I threw in a freebie article on my Dad's mis-adventure at Snowmass. I'll be up at Winter Park tomorrow creating snowboarders out of skiers.
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