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Crystal Mountain, 12-19-08: Poor trip report for a fantastic day

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This is going to be a pretty weak trip report, and I'm sorry about that. I didn't bring my camera up since I was skiing alone and figured without any action shots it wouldn't be worthwhile. Anyway, on to the trip report.

Today at Crystal was fantastic. It was a bluebird day, at least up until about 1:30 or 2 when the clouds started to roll in. Temps were in the teens at the base when I showed up, which is a lot better than the high of 2 that they were forecasting. Crystal's gotten a pretty good amount of snow in the past week, including about 30" in the last 2 days. This is filling in pretty nicely after a really slow start to the winter. Most of the trails were in pretty nice shape. Since it's been cold here, the snow that's been falling is very nice and light, at least for the PNW.

Mid morning, however, is where the day turned epic for me. Heading up high campbell lift to do a run down Powder Bowl. I'd already done one run there, it was nice if you traversed pretty far out to skiers left. As I got of the lift, I saw several people just standing around, and listened in to their conversation with the patroller, and I realized they were getting ready to drop the rope on Campbell Basin, which hadn't been open at all yet this year.

I waited for a few minutes and was one of the first people to get into Campbell Basin. My first run was epic. Didn't cross another skier's tracks the whole way down Campbell Basin, thigh to waist deep the whole way. Repeated face shots. Best snow I've ever skied in the PNW bar none. Best run I've ever had in my life. I took 2 more laps, traversing out farther each time, and still got relatively untracked snow. I decided to bail on it at that point because the traverse was getting *really* chewed up and rocky. As it was, I did quite a number on my bases including one small core shot... Totally worth it.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of pics... not sure I could have stopped myself to take them anyway. Since I don't ski nearly as many days per year as a lot of folks here, days like this are a very rare event for me.

Hope some other folks were able to get up there today.
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I feel your stoke!
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Sounds like a great day!
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Yes! When you have the best run of your life you have tell us about it and of course you didn't take pictures, that would be ghey. Thanks for sharing.
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Chewing the gnar.

Ski on mon.!!
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Enjoyed it even without pics
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Thanks all. Two days later and I still can't stop thinking about how great it was.
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Off the throne...
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Just a note - the demo shop as of today is CLOSED at Crystal (Left angle demos). Despite what I was told when I called guest services two days ago. Was stuck skiing rental skis today (for as long as I could stand them). I got a pair with 3 core shots, 5 huge gouges, and a severely burred (yet dull) edge. Weeeee.

Suffice to say I wasn't a happy camper.
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