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More video (maybe)

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This is my first attempt at FTP as well as video editing.

If that link works, it is a streaming Quicktime video of me last month in Lech. This was one day after the storm. Powder was mostly knee to waist deep, but with some windslab and frozen snails underneath.
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Great! I think I'll go back to Lech next season...

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I was on the wrong side of the camera most of the time, so that's just about all of the video of me.

This is my buddy Graham on the Grosser Stierloch with the Roggalspitze behind him:

It's 3.7 megs, so don't click unless you have some time...

Gotta love iMovie.
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epic, I have a cable modem, only took a couple of minutes to download the file.

Nice skiing and nice conditions. I can't orient myself on these shots at Zuers, is this off the Rueffikopf lift or the Schuettboden or Hexenboden lifts?

Though it is just a small part of the area, it shows the vastness.

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The first video is off the Zuger Bergbahn you get off the lift to the right and do a little corkscrew so that you ski under the lift and come out in the Zuger Tobel.

The second one is accessed from the Madlochbahn. You go straight when you get off the lift and start traversing immediately so that the Wildgrubenspitze is between you and Zurs. In the first part of the video Graham is high above the Madloch run. I think we traversed for about 30 minutes. The run ends in Zug. We did that run on Wednesday, so 4 warm days after the storm.
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Ah, I misread your post and was looking for Paziel-Tal below the 'Rogg-Spitze' instead of the 'Roggal-Spitze'. You were on the other side and took the Madloch-route to Zug. That route is not patrolled but it looked like is was skied enough so that if something happened someone could go for help, it is a long wait though for a tobbogan :

But the way you guys skied you looked very solid (and also stylish).

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The Stierloch is the valley next to Madloch. It's pretty out of the way and there was nobody there when we skiied it. I think the tracks were a few days old (I wish we had skiied it on Monday or Tuesday when it was fresh). The lower part is more accessible and was almost crowded, but also icy because the valley was steeper there and shaded it a lot. It was a very pretty run down to Zug though and would be a nice little hike in the summer.
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Nice videos, Epic.
Thanks for posting!
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moving up to the top
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