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Good luck on exams, all!

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I know some are already past this hurdle, but exams in this division start this weekend and I wanted to wish everyone who is laying it on the PSIA line in the near future hero snow, a strong body, a quiet mind, and great examiners.
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...great examiners...
Then you'll be surely amongst them.

Ever thought about coming east here and teach a thing or two to our examiners?
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Congratulations to two Waterville Valley instructors who passed their Level III last week: Bjorn Reiseter and Duane Richter.

Nice going you guys!
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Way to go Bjorn and Duane!
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Matteo, I don't haven't done an exam in three years and I have found I don't miss it at all, though I was tempted to take the Level III exam this weekend, since it's been 20 years, and I believe people should recertify. As it happens, I'll be teaching this weekend and practicing my rotation.

But if you can sell the idea to the Italian examiners, I'm there.
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This is going to be a very busy two weeks in PSIA-RM, as we have two major exams (all levels) and Spring Fling scheduled over the next 14 days.

With several Bears I know participating, and I'm sure many that I haven't met yet, I wanted to again wish them all the best of conditions, great weather, and fair examiners!

During this period, over 200 instr's will put themselves to the test, challenging their knowledge, their skills, and their nerves.

Best of luck to exam candidates, all across the country!

Give 'em hell!

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I feel a little silly saying this with only a month having passed since I passed my last cert level, however, here goes.




It isn't a funeral so don't be dour or sullen. I think a smile and a little laughter is worth a couple of points.
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Well, Our's are over, now the wait to see how we did. Too bad they don't have the old system/forms that would allow for the examiners to give us our results and talk to us about the exam at the end of the days.

A group from our ski school at Sugarbowl took our level 2 exams over the past 2 days (Sunday Monday) and we had a blast. Great "superhero" snow after winter returned to the Sierra's this past weekend, (3-4 Ft of new powder) ending today with Spring making it's comeback this afternoon and spring mush!

Our examiners were Scott Chaplin and Ted Pitcher. A lot of fun to ski with, and very "helpful" in keeping the days moving with lots of learning!

I'm glad I made this effort! and thanks to all of you that helped me in my process with tips, suggestions and thoughts.
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I'm pleased to report that both Tcarey and I passed the level II.
dchan, in the east here we have a four day format, 2 days skiing and 2 days teaching which are separate events. In both on the second day you're done around 3pm and usually get the results before 5pm. It's a lot of fun skiing after the exam till the lifts close- why go in and sit around waiting?

The end of the skiing exam for my group was a rather bloody affair as one of the skiers threw a 360 and fell landing on his ski. Didn't look like a big deal. We get down to where he is and he asks the examiner "Are we going in now?"
"Yeah, why? you have to go to the bathroom?"
"No, I cut myself"
Thinking he needs a bandaid, examiner comes over to take a look and when the guy unzips the side of his pants blood is streaming all down his leg. We head down immediately and the injured party elects to ski through the small mogul field we used for the test. He pulls up next to me and I now see blood dripping down his boot onto the snow. He says "I wanted to throw a 360 on that last bump but I decided not to."
The gash was really quite large and he ended up needing internal and external stitches.
Oh yeah, he passed.

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Eeeeeew! Brutal! We call exams "Bloodbaths" when not very many people pass, but that brings whole new meaning to it. At least he was throwing down (or at least attempting to) a 3 when he did the damage.

Hey! All Points Bulletin! I'm heading down to Loveland, CO with my wife so that she can take her level II exam. I'll be skiing on Wed. April 16th and Thurs. the 17th. Is anyone here going to be in the area? We should hook up and make a few lefts and rights. I haven't been able to get ahold of the ski school yet, but I'm also looking to get hooked up with a few passes for those days, without trying to be presumptuous, of course. Any ideas for discounted or even $0 passes?

Congratulations to all who have passed and Good Luck Next Time for those who haven't yet. It's not the destination that counts, it's the journey.


Spag :
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Congrats to Tog and Tcarey. The level II exam kind of shocks folks because it certainly isn't easy and is a huge jump from the level I. I'm sure you're glad to have that behind you.

Spag, send me a p.m. about Loveland tickets. I will be there on one of those two days to free ski.

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Congratulations to Tog and tcarey.

Tog, the story about the 3 gave me pause. Did the guy slice his femoral artery with the ski?

After pausing I thought: Someone should send the producers of Six Feet Under this plot line.

dchan, Do you know why West notifies in the mail days after the exam?
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Not sure and never asked. As long as I've been instructing (a long 2 seasons ) it has been this way. I have heard rumors of how drinking after the exams has lead to come confrontations. Also since a lot of instructors commute in from other areas they often don't want to hang out while the examiners do the scoring. In our level 1 exam we skied right until 4:30 and the lifts close at 4:00. Then having to do evaluations and a little feedback, with many of us making a 3-4 hour drive to get home, no wonder we didn't want to hang around. I suspect a lot of instructors in the sierra's have this situation.

For the level 2, we had a different examiner on each day and they both had to travel to get to our resort. Since there were not enough people taking the exam on our hill, they didn't both come on both days so scoring that might need the 2 of them there to confirm the results would not work.

Ted mentioned that he did not like this format because he liked to talk to the candidates after an exam pass or fail, but it was what we have to work with so that's what we get.

Ted did however give us his home number so we could discuss the results once we got them.

Scott Chaplin also gave us a way to contact him after the results came out too.
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I think the rationale is tests like the SAT send results in the mail. What is missed in this analogy is the personal and subjective (face-to-face) nature of the PSIA exam. I think the post-exam interview is critical to the outcome. I strongly suggest the West reconsider this policy, because they're missing out on one-third of the learning potential of this experience, and that is the learning that happens afterwards. Benjamin Bloom and a host of august educational experts will back me up.
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I agree with Nolo on this one. In the East these are pretty large events with both skiing canidates and teaching canidates. I think there was a total of 100 canidates at the Bromley Level 2 event.I think immediate feedback is necessary. This way the canidate can go away with something to work on.
Another thing gained in the East format is comraderie(sp?).We formed a tight knit group and were all very supportive of each other, right until it was time to go home for those who passed and those who did not.
Dchan- I hope you get your results soon. And by the way was this for teaching and skiing combined? In the East we do these as separate events.

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Tog and TC... YOU RULE!!! Congrats, you deserve it!
Now, can you talk Dianne and Sharon to move up the ranks?
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Thanks Lisamarie! Diane took the skiing part of the level 2 and passed- so next year she will take the teaching part!!Sharon was thinking about doing the skiing part neat year. It is not an easy process and takes quite a bit of training.It is good to see that more women are interested in higher certifications.

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Teaching and skiing combined.

Day one: Skiing/demos/Hypothetical/teach&demo with one examiner,

Day Two: Written/skiing/demos/Hypothetical/teach&demo with a different examiner.

At the big exam event (75 Candidates) at Heavenly, I think it was the same format but the written might have been the first day.
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I just got word I passed my level 2 [img]smile.gif[/img] I don't know what the scores were yet and I don't know about the rest of my group But the wait for myself is over. Whew...

They should be posting the passing candidates on PSIA West website soon.
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Congrats dchan! You're moving fast, it wasn't that long ago we had to coerce you into teaching!
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congrats dchan!!!! Terry
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Way to go, David. I never had a doubt.
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Awesome deeds, Tog, TC and Dchan!
Nolo, at Mt. High...sometimes it took 2 weeks for SB results...inexusable! They should be available and've scored, I've scored....if you are on it, it takes an hour.
Dchan, glad you had Chappy...I have enjoyed skiing with him at Ed Core.
Hey Spag....Alecia is skiing her III at Loveland then and I will try like hell to be there for Michelle and her! I wonder if I have any business cards left......I don't buy lift tickets.
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"Try like hell" What? You've got something to do at work that is so pressing you can't make it? You haven't got a dang thing to do now, so get off your tush and come make some turns for krissake!

Spag :

PS. What is your business card going to say on it? "Free-lance, roving Director"? (Sorry boss, just trying to lighten things up!!!)OH! Atta boy dchan!!!

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I'm kind of bummed.

I'm the only one who passed in our group of 5. I was hoping we would do better. I hope it does not discourage them too much and they try that much harder next year. I'm sure I'll be looking for help from you all to help me get them better prepared next year.

Skiing:65 Teaching:43
Passing is 48 and 32

Got lots of room to get better and you can bet I will be working hard next season [img]smile.gif[/img] . Tomorrow is my last day teaching and I'll probably try to get one or two more days 2 skiing this season. Sugarbowl will be closing either the 20th or 27th depending on conditions and skier visits.
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I'm a little jealous that RM let's you take Level II in year one. Here in the East division, you can't even attempt it until your third year. With Level I being what it is, it's a little iritating that I can't even try Level II next year. Congrats to all of you.
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That does seem unfair, particularly if people are working full time. I taught full time from the outset so I suppose my argument would be it should not be based upon "years" experience, it should depend upon hours taught. I was lucky enough to do levels I,II, and III in three seasons of full time work/training.

Congrats again dchan!

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Congratulations Tog, TC, and DChan! This is the first time I've had a chance to read this thread--been pretty busy with the exams myself. The EpicSki clan is doing well!

A few more noteworthy results that I'm aware of:

This is old news by now, but I've still got to commend Rusty Guy for passing the Full Certification (Level 3) exam. As those who know Rusty, or have read his great posts here at EpicSki can attest, he will be a credit to the gold pin.

More recently: EABrown passed Level 2 at Taos two weeks ago, getting through two levels in one season. I'm looking forward to seeing her with a gold pin next season--she's a great skier and she's worked very hard. Repeat after me, Eileen--"I DON'T lean"....

Last, but certainly not least, Tom Burch's and Vail Pilgrim's hard work and talent paid off on Friday at Vail, when I had the honor of handing them the gold Full Certification pin myself. I know how hard Tom's worked, and we all know how much he's contributed to EpicSki. I met VailPilgrim for the first time at the exam, but he too has earned the pin. Both of these guys will attest that it doesn't come easy, but it's worth the effort! Tom and Dave were the only two from my group of eight who passed.

Anyone who's looking for a great ski lesson should not hesitate to ask for any of these guys! I'm as proud to see them wearing the PSIA shield as they are.

Other Bears have attended exams here in the Rocky Mountain Division as well, but I don't yet know how they have fared. To those I've missed here, please accept my apologies. Congratulations to you all, pass or fail--congratulations for the effort, the learning, and the willingness to hang it out there and face the pressure of the exams.

More news when it comes in--there's one more exam this week at Loveland.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

[ April 14, 2003, 07:27 PM: Message edited by: Bob Barnes/Colorado ]
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Thanks! You know darn well the hand you had in a great many folks success, happiness, and journey. You have boiled down ski teaching to an essence, and hence, made life easy for many.
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