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instructors "humor"

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I usually begin a class with the usual .... names and where are you from..... then as I start the intro to skiing I pop out my notebook and ask the students ....... everyone have a notebook? You'll need to take a few notes for the quiz at the end!...

The kids in class act with utter amazement.... then I tell them to relax, I need to see more SMILES.... this is about FUN!!!...

Does anyone else have or heard any good ice breakers? I have no illusions about being a stand-up comic but I just have to do something to loosen them up a bit.
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"I hope you have alot of patients!" "Plenty, but I think they are recovering nicely!"
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That's a really good one yuki!

Off the top of my head...

When I'm working with folks (especially beginners) some of my "schtick":

Falling is "spending quality time on the ground", and when you do fall, when you are SURE everyone on the chairlift is staring at you, pretend they are naked... And that guy... it's always a guy, right? ... that's you are SURE is laughing at you... oooohhh lookit the shrinkage! (not recommended for church groups)

Make love to the mountain, don't poop on it! (accompianied by a demonstration, be careful, even worse for church groups)

(for British/UK students) Squatty is Grotty!

More little toe edge tipping:
Kid Rock's "I wanna be a cowwwbooyyy!"

Skiing ironies:

Why is the path that gravity takes down the hill called the "fall line"?

It's easier to get up after a crash when the hill is steeper.

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Snowcarver; ROFL!
I mentioned this in another thread, but a teacher once told us to bring Worcester {The center of Mass.} down the hill!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I don't think there's any place for humor here - this is serious business!
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So speaks the funniest guy on this forum!
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Tog, your tongue is so firmly planted in your cheek, yo are in danger of chewing it off!

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Let us know when you start!<FONT size="1">

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WOW some day I want to be a ski instructor so I can be as funny as all of you crack-ups. YIPEE. Now please excuse me there is a mountain that needs my lovin attention.

Calm down everyone, for I have returned to reclaim the title of "So speaks the funniest man (or boy) on this forum!" award as presented by Lisamarie.<FONT size="1">

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You've got a point gdubs, but don't wear a hat or we won't be able to see it.
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... So I sez to 'im, "RECTUM? Damn near KILLED 'em!"
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Like MLK......... I hadda dream......

I dreamed that a guy walks into our martial arts class..... and comes over and introduces himself as .....dubs, Gdubs.
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Humor is central to effective teaching and communication period! As Dave Berry said "you get them laughing, you've got a sure sell no matter what the material. And no matter how smart or stupid you or they are".
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