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Youth Boot Question?

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My son just turned 11 yrs old. He is a 5'3" and 112 lbs, very lean and strong for his age. He's a pretty strong skier about 25-30 days a year since he was 6 yrs old. Likes to ski the whole mtn. not a big park kid.

Last year he skied in 2 different boots(youth & womens) that both are to small at this point. MY main question is the he is in a 10 - 10.5 US adult shoe size. I'm sure that his foot ing still growing so I don't want to spend too much but want him to have the proper equipment. Thought about buying used on gear swap or last years models. I'm looking for suggestions for his clown sized feet. Adult or youth, flex, anything that you boot fitters think will help.

Thanks for the help.
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Does he have 10 1/2 FEET or 10 1/2 SHOES?

There is a world of difference. I've talked to hundreds and hundreds of parents with kids with "huge feet... and he's still growing!"... they never have feet that match their shoes.

Maybe your son does, i'm just saying take an accurate measurement of his foot, don't trust his shoe size CHOICE.

If he IS a 10.5 then I'd look at Jr. Race boots, he isn't tall enough or heavy enough to deal with a true adult boot cuff.
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His foot measures adult 10. We have purchased both 10 & 10.5 shoes depending on which fit the best.

Thank you. You have answered my main question. Adult would be to high but the Jr. race boot will give him the performance he needs.
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