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Copper's Bowls

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Just curious, are the bowls not open because of lack of coverage or because of avalanche control issues?
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I was at Copper yesterday. Resolution Bowl is open. Could hear blasting being done in Spalding and there was obviously fresh blasting that had been done on Union. We hit S lift just as they were opening it. The snow above (above treeline)Retreat/Golddigger had about two inches thick of crust, but the snow below treeline was really nice.

I think that they are saving a lot of the terrain to open Christmas week.
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I was at Copper yesterday. Copper and Spaulding Bowls remain closed. Historically they do not open until January due to exposure and snow depth. More snow is in the forecast, however, so things could progress sooner than normal.
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There was patrol directed skiing in Spaulding on Friday. Coverage is still thin, and they really need a couple more feet to provide adequate coverage of the rocks that lurk on the edges of Patrol Chute.

Generally, Copper doesn't open Copper bowl until January. I suspect the real reason is money -- look at the terrain open at Breck and compare. That being said, there is no one at Copper so the skiing is pretty good.

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