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k2 PE or head mojo90

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as the title says trying to pick between the 2
1)k2 pe 179
2)HEAD mojo 90 176

there's what I'm trying to decide between.I'm 5'10" 175lbs and generally only ski Vail or beaver creek. any feed back would be great on the pros and cons of each!
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With all the popularity for the PE on this forum I can't believe nobody's responded. My personal preference between the two by a wide margin is the Mojo 90. It is a bit wider but is also the better carver between the two. The PE has a reverse camber tip (sort of a mini-rocker tip) which really helps it in powder but makes it less adept at carving nice turns on groomerss.
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The PE has a short running length which actually makes it a fun carver, I think the PE is a bit of a wimpy ski though, it needs a sheet of metal. Why just these two skis?
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well just these two because thats what i have narrowed it down to based on the price! I can get a real good buy on them
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Never skied the mojo 90...

The PE is a great all mountain twin. Very good float in pow for its size. Stiff enough to carve RR tracks, even on icy manmade snow. The PE holds a good enough edge on east coast ice, but it isn't close to a well tuned SL radius carver. The bump performance of the PE is very predictable and skis bumps really well. The PE's feel is not very damp nor very lively. When I first got on them I thought the feel was fairly dead and bland, but after a while it started to grow on me.

I think the one trouble spot for the PE is deep lumpy cut up and crusty sunbaked crud. The PE is not going to slay (the nastiest) crud confidently all day long like a damper ski would, but it will motor through if you drive them. The PE is also not the most well made ski in that the top sheets seem to really get torn up easily just form skiing on them and the bases are fairly soft. Still the skis are fairly easy to ski in most conditions. I can't really think of a more capable all around frontside ski for UT and other high snowfall areas since the PE can work well in medium pow, medium crud, bumps, groomers, and park.

I think a sheet of metal would ruin the feel of the ski. What it does need is a 184 or 189 length. I agree that at 179 the ski does not feel super burly, and if you want that in a ski, you should look elsewere from the PE or the Mojo 90.
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The Mojo is better....

edge hold on groomers
much better at going though crud
and the fact you can get a 186 is nice something you should consider.

the Pe is

better at skiing powder much better in fact despite the narrow waist
feels better in tree/steeps/bumps to me because it is soft.
great soft groomer ski, ok hard groomer ski. I tuned mine and have used them a couple days at springs/HV. at slow speed they feel sluggish on groomers but at speed they carve great GS turns.

I picked the PE because I tend to ski short turn at speed, in bumps,trees,crud what ever 'weird' snow I can find. I am more comfortable on that ski than whatever else I find.

with that said I am looking for a longer "PE" type ski to try to get more more stabilty without going to stiff demanding ski.

I like the bridge because it seems damper with out losing the 'playfulness" still its only a couple CM longer than the 179 Pe.

192 Snoop is a ski Id like to try and I think is the winner. I am huge fan of Atomic wood cored freeride skis.
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I liked the Mojo better in moguls, especially in steep terrain. Their not as forgiving as the PE but make up for it by being quicker. I found them much faster at getting the tips of the skis engaged in a turn.
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well i bought the PE's! So after this week i will leave an update on how i liked them....happy trails and holidays people!
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