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Mammut Ultimate Hoody, Experiences?

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I'm thinking of buying myself a Christmas gift this year, unless one of you guys/gals would like to treat me instead.

So, I am looking for a breathable softshell with lots of ventilation that I can use for spring skiing in the PNW and for backcountry skiing ventures which I am planning on starting this year. I tend to perspire alot so ventilation is really important. I also tend to overheat alot and I usually rather ski cold than too hot since I also get motion sick (Geeezz, I am a wreck).

I've seen the Mammut Ultimate Hoody at REI and found it to be a great fit for a fairly tall person (6'2") like me with lots of ventilation options (pitzips all the way to the waist). Unfortunately, the material is Windstopper rather than what I would prefer, eg. Schoeller Dryskin Extreme., the latter of which is more breathable as I understand. Even though the Hoody has great ventilation, I am afraid I would still end up getting wet on the inside during climbing and then end up getting chilled. I would always carry my lightweight ventilated (w/ pit zips) shell (Mountain Hardwear or Outdoor Research) along so wind when stopping would not be a factor.

I really like the fit of the Hoody, but am afraid that it would be a bit redundant since I already have a lightweight shell and the Hoody really doesn't have any insulation so I would not be able to shed a layer underneath it.

Have any of you tried this specific jacket or other Windstopper jacket with pitzips? Did you find the Windstopper jacket to be insufficiently breathable for spring/warmer weather skiing and or skinning up a hill?

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no idea on that exact jacket.

looks similar...

wow that is really not much help is it....
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I've got the pants, really like them. Mammut stuff is bullet-proof.
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
I've got the pants, really like them. Mammut stuff is bullet-proof.
for Mammut. I just order a 2nd pair of softshell pants from Sierra Trading Post. My wife has a Mammut softshell jacket that she really likes. Quality is excellent. A friend just got a gore-tex jacket made by Mammut and he is most impressed with it.
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Have you taken a look at the Mammut Transmission Hybrid Pro? Sounds like it would fit better with what you are trying to do.

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Yeah, I agree that Mammut's quality is top-notch. That is why I really was interested in the Hoody, but I am really concerned that even with pit zips, the Windstopper material (essentially Gore-Tex membrane without the waterproof guarantee) would insufficiently breathable. That is my current belief, unless someone has other info. In addition, as I mentioned before, the windstopper has pretty much no insulative properties; so you are essentially wearing a very lightweight, but durable, shell.

The Transmission Hybrid Pro is the other side of the equation. It really is an ideal combination of materials with the highly breathable Dryskin in the body and the waterproof membrane-type on shoulders, back, arms, etc. BUT, it is essentially like the Cloudveil Rayzar and, like that, the Hybrid Pro has no pit zips. When it gets warmer during spring skiing or heavy exertion, I found that the Rayzar could not vent the moisture fast enough without pit zips. So.... I am still looking for that panacea in terms of a softshell or hybrid jacket.

Any other comments, ideas?

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You are correct that Schoeller (sp?) dryskin extreme is more breathable than the "windstopper"-type softshells. In fact, it's so breathable that it isn't particularly windproof. You might want to consider one of the "beyond" tailor-made jackets with Schoeller 400WB (or something similar) in the front and dryskin extreme in the back pannel (I'm pretty sure that's one of the available options).

Consider also the polartec "powershield light" jackets. They're also very breathable. The Arcteryx Gamma MX appears to be made from this fabric (Patagonia core skin was partly made from power shield light at one point, but I'm not sure it is any more).

Here's a link to some old softshell reviews that might be interesting:


Good luck choosing.

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I have windstopper gloves, and they drive me crazy. they're pretty thin, but with no wind coming in, they heat up/get sweaty pretty quickly. IMO the biggest problem with windstopper (which is also it's biggest strength) is that it's practically windproof. I like fleece because it does allow air to pass through and vent if I overheat. I ski in a soft shell, it's REI brand and I'm pretty sure it's some sort of schoeller fabric but I don't know which one. I'd reccomend it over windstopper, also I'd add that even with schoeller, it'll vent some, but in general it's way better to keep from sweating in the first place, if you're wearing your soft shell and sweating and it's not snowing or blowing, you shouldn't be wearing your soft shell.
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Schoeller with a windstop vest underneath is a nice way to modulate cold/breathability.
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