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Mammoth Chair 23?

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Question: In the December issue of Powder Magazine, there's a Mammoth ad on pages 54 - 55. Is that chair 23 in the ad?

I'm hitting Mammoth for the first time in January and was curious about the location of the lift shown in the ad.

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Chair 23? Isn't that the one between chair 22 and chair 24?
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It is chair 23, and other than the gondola, it is the only access to the top from the frontside. Chair 22 takes you to the top of Lincoln Mountain which sits just below the ridge at the top of Mammoth. Both chairs serve excellent terrain.

Check out for a trail map and photos.
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Chair 23 at Mammoth has long been one of my all-time favorite rides. Dropout and Wipeout are great runs on each side of the lift. They are steep and just wide enough for this old codger.
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Sweet! Thanks.
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