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Oh no, another helmet question thread

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I've searched thru and read a bunch of threads...many times conflicting info but I thought I'd try to lob this one out.

I've got an oval head and have tried several helmets - most were uncomfortable. I live in Iowa...which means I have to order and try and send back, hence my dilema.

I've tried the following helmets and this is where I am so far:

Giro Fuse - too round, no room front and back, lots on sides
Giro G9 - better but still a bit too short front to back
Giro G10 - best that I've tried...not perfect but might have to do
Boeri Tactic - seems more comfortable overall than most but too short front to back. If this helmet was a bit more oval..it'd be the one
Salomon ranger - round like a bowling ball

given what I've tried, the best is the G10, but I'd like to find a better fit if I can.

So here are the helmets that I was wondering about wrt fitting a more oval head:

Smith Variant
R.E.D. Frequency (although the snowboarder part of this bothers me)
Leedom Prophet
Some other helmet?

Thanks for you help!
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I have a Leedom and it fits my melon (oval) head well, whereas Giros tend to fit poorly as you describe. I think Giro fits better on pumpkin heads.
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Leedom Scream fits my oval head nicely.

Some of the Boeris, some of the Markers, and the G10 do also, but I have to move up a size.
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Also try a Carrera. Hard to find but fit the oval really well.
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Leedom Scream fit me great for a about 5 years, but the inside foam is degrading now. The liner material pulled away and the foam is disintegrating into yellow dust. Blech. The jet-fighter appearance is kinda hit or miss too.

The tactic fit pretty well but the ear flap support digs into my cheekbone/muscle enough to cause a headache, so that's out now. Looks like you're ready to be shot out of a cannon though...

The Giro Omen fits just "ok", and has a bit of room side-to-side, but I may just throw some bike helmet pads in there and call it a day. The roc-loc (or whatever they're calling it for ski helmets) retention system at the very least keeps things comfy!
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any comments/experience with POC helmets?

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Smith Variant is adjustable around the crown, like a bike helmet. Just picked one up myself in the same size as my old Giro Nine.9 (M) and it's very comfy...
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Well, if anybody is interested in an Omen Audio, the med I just got in today doesn't fit me Gotta get to me before I send it back to backcountry tomorrow tho!
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