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Boston - City tunes?

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Hi All-

I saw that there's a recommended shop in Framingham, but I was wondering if any Bears can recommend a good shop for tuning in the Boston area. I usually get my skis tuned in Waitsfield, VT, but I reckon before I get up there, I'll be skiing somewhere in NH.

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Here's how I'd look at it. It depends on what you want for a "tune". Not knowing what the skis are, how you ski, or what you want out of it, there's a wide horizon of tuning jobs. You can get a tune at the Ski market, out by BU. They train their staff on their machines, and for a lot of people it's more than adequate. There have been a couple of people on Epic who have recently commented that they have done a good job. I think the evaluation depends on what you expect.

The guy in Framingham is Mike de Santis, who runs the Performance Tuning Center at Summit Ski Shop. He's a former World Cup Tech, and the former WC race director for Volkl. He's a technician, and he does a tremendous job. It's highly unusual to find a guy operating a shop like this in a metro area. Most of these guys have the mountains in their blood, and that's why the handful or so of other shops like his in NE are located where guys like him typically want to live: Stowe, Sugarloaf, Lake Placid, Stratton, etc. I have no idea what draws him to Framingham.

I'd drive the extra half hour to Framingham. You absolutely will not be disappointed. Otherwise Ski Market; maybe check Wilderness House. In the past they've done tunes.
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Framingham pretty much is the Boston area. You can try Center Ski and Bike in Watertown if you want to stay closer. I've never had a tune there, but have talked to the guys some and they seem to have their act together. Let us know how it turns out if you go there.
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