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Stockli XXXL or Scot Schmidt?

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The new XXXL (07-08 or 08-09) and the Scot Schmidt (06-07) are the same dimensions but the SS are wood core and the XXXL is isocore.

I can get a good deal on either one but I always like the wood core stockli skis.

I'm 6'2" 275 so I need some stiffness.

I would love to hear from people who have tried both.

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Need some help. I'm about to buy one of these two skis.

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Good with the SS Pro.

I'm 230 and have had problems with form core skis getting soft on me.

BTW: I have the SS Pro. Based on your other thread I think it is wtat you are looking for.
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The XXXL is wood core, just like the Schmidt.
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I keep hearing both wood and iso. Stockli told me iso.

Whiteroom, your company has a pair of xxxl on ebay and it says isocore.

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Any more opinions?

I ready to buy and I need some help.

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Brother it's a ski. Whatever you buy, you're going to love it.

Gone are the days when a ski is "just right" for a person. The good skier just feels what the stick can and can't do under their foot, and then ride its strengths. Everything out there is great within a few tiny degrees of seperation - You can have fun on anything if you know how to bend it.
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I'd trust this:


over an eBay add.
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Couldn't you cut one in half just to make sure? You know, for science.
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My Scot Schmidts are still avail. $250 188s good condition. ~45-50 days on them
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I have no idea as to the answer to your question, but can say the XXXL is one helluva ski! I don't think there is a more stable 178cm ski on the planet. It would be enough ski for most anyone: if you can out-ski it, you are getting free skis!
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XXXL is a woodcore and it's a great ski. So is the SS pro. In my opinion you can't go wrong with most of the Stockli offerings. To be honest, I ride their skis and love them. I like a stiff ski that is stable at mach 3. Stockli is offering some amazing products right now I highly recommend you pick one and have fun!
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Actually the XXXL is an isocore. The stockli Rep told me it was an error on the website.

The older SS was a wood core.

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