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Demo Day Briefs: SuperShape, Magfire 78, 10S Oversize, 888, Mojo 94, Mythic Rider

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Demo Day Briefs: Head iSuperShape Magnum, Elan Magfire 78, Rossignol 10S Oversize, Elan 888, Head Mojo 94, and Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider.

Sturtevant's annual demo day was compromised by poor snow coverage at Crystal Mountain (thus we were mandated to not ski off piste), and a lack of firm snow for carving (I swear I'll never again complain about too much soft snow).

I'm looking for a second ski: quick-turning with a good edge for on-piste days when there's little soft snow. My primary ski: Monster 82, 183cm. I generally prefer longer, softer, damper skis in order to ski faster, especially over rough snow.

Head iSuperShape Magnum, 170cm: Soft and agreeable, but lay them over and what a smooth, tenacious carve! I could steer them easily in soft moguls. They were easy off piste (I didn't know about the "rules" at the time). They're not super quick nor twitchy, but they do turn with a short radius and hold an edge well. Very smooth. Very damp. I skied this one twice to be sure.

Bear in mind that this wasn't much of a test. Those who know Crystal will be amazed that the best place I could find for carving was on Quicksilver below Tinkerbell. Downhill, Queens Run, Deer Fly, Bull Run and even Skid Road were either totally ungroomed or the new snow rendered them so. (This complaint is stated through gritted teeth.) This portion of Quicksilver is pretty flat-- I had to tuck for about 50 meters, then throw a couple of turns before the speed was gone.

I sure wish they had the SuperShapes in 177cm.

Elan Magfire 78, 176cm: They feel like the slalom ski of yore. I always feel the edge, even when I'm not turning, so they aren't as forgiving at the Super Shapes. Medium flex, but not as damp as I had hoped. There's a Ti version that ought to be better (but perhaps stiffer than I, at 150 lbs., would like).

Rossignol 10S Oversize, 176cm: Fun, quick. Slightly stiffer than the SuperShapes and not as damp, smooth nor forgiving. But carves well (keep in mind my limited opportunity) and soft enough for moguls and occasional off-piste.

There wasn't much else I wanted to try in the "quick carving" category, so I returned to my usual 80-90 mm wide favorite category.

Elan 888, 177mm: Quite soft and easy. Turns pretty quickly. Poor edge hold, but I suppose that the edges might not have been sharp. They're too soft for me.

Head Mojo 94, 180cm: I love my damp, powerful, steerable Monsters, so why would I be interested in these? Because the rep says that they're the future. He said that next year there'll be no Monsters. They'll remove a layer of metal to make a line of slightly softer skis resembling today's Mojos. Waah!

The 94's do resemble Monsters, though. Slightly softer than the Monster 82's, but still medium stiffness. Slightly less damp, but still calm, damp and smooth. Good edge hold. A nice ski.

Dynastar Legend Mythic Rider, 178cm: Very easy, but not a noodle! I skied my strongest, fastest run down uneven powder over irregular bumps. I think they've got a soft tip and tail with added stiffness underfoot, so they're very easy to turn, but hold a decent edge. Softer than the Mojo's and stiffer than the Elan 888s. They should be good for making a merely expert skier look heroic in tough snow.
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I think that the "edge" that you were feeling on the Elan Magfire 78 is the effect of the Waveflex technology, that stiffens the ski laterally, or edge to edge, without making the skis flex overly stiff. I had a chance to try the 78ti for a day, and I could really feel the ski just lock in to the turn when tipped on edge, with ferocious grip on ice. I didn't find the flex to be overly stiff, but I'm a 200 pounder. But I also didn't find the ski to be demanding or intolerent of minor mistakes, and didn't beat me up in variable terrain. This was only my third day on snow this season, and I was impressed by the end of the day that my legs weren't worn out, which is always a good sign. All and all, my impression was one of a fun, versatile, and precise high performance all mountain ride. On my short list to fill my need of a 78 waisted do everything ski.
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Hey Crudmaster,

Was it worth driving to Crystal to do the Demos on Wednesday? I was considering it, but with uncertain weather, I decided to delay a trip out there to either today or tomorrow, Friday. Now that it is already this late, I guess if it will be, if at all, Friday......although it will be COLD!!! Sunny.... but COLD. I just have to decide for myself how important it is to get some things done at work before the holidays.

Anyways, the main reason I wanted to go out there was to demo the Watea 84 and Watea 94, primarily the latter. When I called the shop the day before, the salesperson checked and said that the guy in the demo shop said he would have the 74 and th 84 out there. When I asked about the Watea 94, the clerk told me he didn't want to bother the "demo" guy since he was so busy. Oh well, lost a potential customer. I just decided that it wasn't worth it since there was no guarantee they would have it nor was there deep enough snow to check the 94 for its deep snow performance - I want to use it as a combo for "champagne" (light powder) in Utah and CO and for back/side-country here in the PNW.

Did you by any chance see if they had the Watea 94's there and what length?

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He was right. Only 74's and 84's. There was less than a foot of powder, and the rock hazard was high.

But it wasn't as cold as expected. The warm front that brought the precip raised the temp to low 20's.
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Oops. That's what I saw. But Mel Simburg sez there were 94's.
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Doggone it!!! I should have gone.

I wonder how the driving will be to Crystal tomorrow (Sunday)
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