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Air Travel with Ski Gear

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Has anyone traveled lately with their ski Gear? We are going skiing next weak for the holiday and looking at the new charges for oversized luggage it appears United is going to charge me $125 per ski bag per direction and if the ski bags weigh more than 50 lbs it is an additional $100 per direction. So between my wife, kid and myself My baggage is going to cost me $750 for ski bags alone?

Are they actually charging this much or is there an exception for ski bags and golf bags?

Thanks for any input.
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Tons of posts about this, including recent ones. Do a search.

Ski bags count as a piece of regular checked luggage if under 50 lbs. Look on the airline's website for the rules.
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Ski gear counts as a regular bag on most airlines. Just flew United back from Denver and paid $40 total. $15 for the first bag and $25 for the second. Had my boots in a large duffel with clothes and other gear. Ski's in a carrier. This is the situation on most airlines as they don't want to drive away skiers and/or golfers with exorbitant baggage fees. Southwest doesn't charge any baggage fees. Check the individual websites for further details.
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thanks!! I was able to find the area about ski bags. I weighed each of the bags tonight and they are all under 40lbs. so I should be cool.
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