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Teaching in Austin - I'm Pumped!

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Looks like I'll be one of 3 instructors here in Austin teaching ski lessons to the masses. I'm super psyched - this will be my first time teaching ski lessons for money.

Any helpful tips from you pros??
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Take the spurs off everyone's boots before the lesson. And don't forget that in Texas, you get the death penalty for skiing out of control. And tell the women not to stick their poles in their big Texas hair when putting on gloves, it's just tacky.
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ya gonna blow some snow onto the top of enchanted rock?


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C'mon give us the details. Skiing in Austin deserves an explanation of some sort....
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Sorry for not explaining myself!

A store here gives lessons on their "ski machine". Not exactly Alta, but it'll do. Looks like I'll be helping out this winter.

No snow here, unfortunately. And yes, I'll be sure to get everyone to take their spurs off first, in addition to keeping their horse tied to the rail outside the store.

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As they say in Oklahoma, if God wanted Texans to ski he would have made snow out of bull sh!t.
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Inester, go get 'em! (How steep an incline can ya get on those machines?)

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Let me guess you are at sun&ski sports?
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Hey - Austin is the one cool place in Texas . . . not much of a skiing town, but as a friend from TX says "Austin is the town in Texas where everybody can *read*" So we should give him a break! :
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I used to work out on one of those machines. On skis...they suck, But put on a pair of inline skates and it's a whole new world. It's the closest thing to skiing in Texas!
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On inline skates. Hmmm. That could be entertaining....
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I took a practice run on the machine today. Not the best thing in the world, but at least you're skiing.

The skis used for training are really small kids skis, with the edges detuned and rounded off so the carpet doesn't get ripped up. About the only thing you can do on the machine is straight down and snowplowing. No carving can be accomplished without falling, since the skis have no edges.

Anyway, I can't wait to try it on inline skates!
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