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Keystone Catsking

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I was wondering how is the cat ride to Keystone's Outback bowls...
Is it worth?
I know there are probably places with more powder than keystone but I will be in summit/eagle county for about 2 weeks with an epicpass and thought it would be a nice experience.

Also, is the terrain really hardcore?
I can ski safely most in-bounds black diamond terrain but have a very limited back country experience...

Any tips will be appreciated!

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Well it sucks right now considering keystone has been getting like 2 inches for every foot every other place has. You can ride it for 5 dollars cash and yes it is awesome.

When are u going to be there?
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My girlfriend and I will be in Breckenridge from dec 27 to jan 02 and then Vail from jan 02 to jan 10...

We will basically use the shuttles to get around the mountains....
just figured that Keystone is not the most popular mountain in Summit County, but as people say, it is a safe place in a wind day + night ski and cat ride... I should check it
Will you be around summit/eagle in those dates?

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It's a 20 minute hike. Spend the 5$ on a beer or two.
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Originally Posted by skiking4 View Post
It's a 20 minute hike. Spend the 5$ on a beer or two.
Its also one mile hike and about 500 feet of vertical, do what you want but I think I will take that 5 bucks and spend it on the cat and get a case of pbr instead, best of both worlds.
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Yeah, I'd pay the 5 bucks at least once if conditions are ok

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save your $5, waste of money to ski moderate terrain that's short, tracked out and well it's Keystone it's never worth the money
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