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Broken tab on kid rear binding

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On the heel of one of my daughters bindings, I broke off the little metal tab that is used to slide the binding back and forth depending on the size of the boot. Can that be replaced or am I looking at a new binding?


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Without knowing what brand you're talking about, no one can look up the spare parts in the tech manual.

That said, even if one is available for the binding in question, parts and labor will probably cost you as much as a discounted new pair.

How old are the bindings? Still under warranty?
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They're marker 4.5 and they are 1 year old.

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So right on the warranty line. Contact the retailer you bought them from and see whether they can do anything for you.
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I will, thanks. The entire tab is not broken off, just thee part you pop up to move the rear part of the binging back and forth. With a screw driver I was able to pry the rest of the tab, the part that holds it in place and move it and then pop it back into the greves that hold it in place and it seems to fit the boot fine. I'm taking it into a shop today to make sure.

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Good shops have spare parts. Got a new(used) heel piece.
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