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How to fix Tip lead and "hip Check"?

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During my lessons at Whistler a problem I have been working on kept popping up in my skiing. Too much tip lead and a little "check" in the middle/end of my turn where I turn my Hip into the hill (habit left over from straight skis when you angle a little deeper into the hill to get that extra edge bite) It also showed up in my bump skiing as a "pike" when I hit a deep bump.

It's one of those habits you know you have and are constantly trying to fix and sometimes you think you "got it" and until someone points it out (usually the watchful eye of a good instructor or the video tape) you could be practicing bad habits all over again.

In any case the tip that brought it all together was the "Pelvic tilt" or "tucking the butt under". Not sure the mechanics of it but as soon as I started trying to do this I was unable to get too much tip lead and could not turn my hips into the hill. I also noticed a lot less "piking" in the bumps and my initiation of turns got more fluid.

Any more thoughts on fixes for this problem?

By the way, Outrigger turns are a lot more fun now! I can rip carve some wicked edge angles on those short 170 Crossmax pilots with no edge chatter. When I get a little too much tip lead, I find the tails sliding out. Not sure the mechanics of that either but it seems to work!

Hey I think this is 3K

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Congratulations on what sounds like a good trip, and well done for reaching 3,000.

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The pelvic tuck, AKA Kegel, AKA "hold a quarter between both cheeks," are terrific antidotes to the "flabby center" or "ghetto bootie" syndrome where the sacrum is pointed behind the skier rather than between the feet.

I find that flexing the glute progressively through the turn keeps the hips going with the feets. This week I am trying this with a woman whose quads are in danger of spontaneous combustion when she skis more than 20 turns in a row.
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dchan- Sounds like a great trip! It also sounds like you are on the right track. The movement you described helps bring the hips up over the feet not allowing you to have such a tip lead. I would also focus on flexing and tipping that inside ankle thru out the turn. This will keep you moving with the inside ski so the inside hip will continue to lead and keep you foot under you hip. Try lifting you toes on that ankle and it will close the ankle this works good for some people. Good luck!
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I too suffer from this problem. Here are a few things I have done;

1) Tip progressively and make certain your inclination/angulation is appropriate and timed similarly.

2) Pretend to do teli-turns and exagerate a forward swing of the outside arm forward and towards the snow. (Prescribed by Bob Barnes) You won't advance the outide ski, however, it will help mitigate adverse tip lead/counter

3) Start the turn tall and finish the turn tall. This works very well to keep one's pelvis from countering and keeps the outside half of your body driving through the turn. (Prescribed by Bob Barnes and a cornerstone of of the Mahre's teaching as per Bob B)

4) Take both poles, place them behind you under your rear end and hold the poles at there respective ends. Pull up on the poles and feel as though you are sitting on a swing. Any attempt to counter or drop ones pelvis will be felt and stopped right away. (I'll take credit for this one)

5) Make sure your spine angle matches your tib/fib. This really helped me. I have to feel that I am bent over or articulated a little more at the waist. I am able to engage my edges in a more predictable manner and hence don't feel the need to create tipping with my hips.

6) Drag your outside pole tip in the snow as you transition from the shaping phase of the turn to turn completion. Someone here gave me that one and I forget who it was. It never helped much!

Hope one of these helps.


A fellow counter rotating/tip leader
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