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Fitting in a Garmont Endorphin - narrow heel, long toes

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Hi again,

I've posted before in this forum regarding last shapes for someone like me with a very narrow heel, fairly narrow mid-foot, and long and wide toe area (street shoe 14/15).

I currently ski in a Tecnica Icon boot which has been modified with custom insoles, heel wedges and moldings and fits fairly well but I still need to do some ramp adjustments on it.

I am looking to do get involved in backcountry and side-country skiing here in the PNW and have started to lok at AT/Randonee boots.

I recently tried on the Endorphins at a store in a size 30 (more akin to size 13 street shoe, which shouldn't really matter). The shell fit was a bit tight according to one of the fitters who said I would be better in a 31 shell. But then he called over the more experienced guy who checked me out and said that he would keep me in a 30 and do modifications. He said that the Scarpa would be too wide for me. He also had me try on a BD boot (don't recall the size) since he said that was a narrower boot. For the heck of it we put one foot in the Endorphin liner and one in the BD liner (both without the shells) and compared. The BD liner seemed softer but was significantly narrower (and shorter) than the Endorphin liner in the toe region and definitely squeezed my toes widthwise. BUT, even though the Endorphin liner gave my toes more room, they were almost a bit more painful. It seemed that the Endorphin liner though bigger was stiffer and hence gave less. The technician said that he would mold the G-fit liners and it would be much much better. I do kind of like the idea of the stiffer liners (relative to the BD ones) since I think they would pack out less.

Since I am going to be doing some walking in these too, I want to make sure that I have enough toe room to avoid bruising, but I don't want to gain that but lose a snug performance fit. Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with molding the toe area in the Endorphins? Did you also find the liner to be stiff and a bit unforgiving until after molding? Its a very big and expensive purchase and I want to make sure I am not going down the wrong road. The salesclerk said that they could do a lot of modifications to the boot (shell and liner) even after the molding to get the perfect fit.

I have not tried any of the 31 in the Endorphins so I can't comment on that fit.

Any other suggestions on size, type (overlap versus tongue), or manufacturers that I should look at.

One last thing, I have a pair of custom fit ski orthotics that I use for my alpine ski boot (Tecnica Icon). The guy at the shop said that I should be able to use the same orthotic in a new boot, ie. swap them as I would need to between boots. Hmmm..... I'm kind of reluctant to believe that, but who knows. Any comments?

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There are no 31s in Endorphins to the best of my knowledge. Trying on a liner by itself outside of a shell does not give information about toe room. It is the reason we shell fit and don't liner fit.

If the tech says following the shell fit that he can make toe room you have got to trust him. If it turns out badly a reputable shop will refund your dollars.

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