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Sorry to do this...Rossignol Bandit X 191 cm

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Hi, new here and I am sure there are a million threads on ski length as well as the Bandit X ski. I am looking on Craigslist at a 4 year old pair of Bandit X skis in a 191 cm length with Marker bindings for $100 including scott poles. I am mostly looking for a ski to bang around OH and PA hills with my kids. I have ski'ed for 30 years (41 year old) and am just a bit stymied by all the new equipment. I have not owned skis for 15 years. My last ski was an Olin 205 cm. When we went to Jackson Hole this past spring break I demo'ed a different ski every day so I am not really looking for something to use on trips west. I would just bring my boots. I would class myself as a decent advanced skier who can ski about anything but chutes and corbetts.

I am 6'2" and 185lbs. I am sure this ski would be better at 185 or 177 cm for me but does this purchase make sense given the facts listed? Urgent replies would help given I am likely to seal the deal by days end. Thanks a lot.
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I don't think this would be the best choice for you, and this is coming from someone who skied for 6 years on 191 Bandit X's. They were a good ski, but not a good fit for you skiing only in PA or OH. You would have a lot more fun on something newer and shorter with more sidecut. Those are at least 6 years old (02/03 was the last year that Rossi made the Bandit X). 191 is really too long for you for a ski that you're going to be using almost exclusively on man-made hardpack. And finally, something more dynamic with more sidecut would be a lot more fun for you. Finally, I think $100 is too much for them. Older skis do sell well if there's something unique, rare or special about them (Spatulas, for example), but there's nothing unique about the Bandit X. It was a good ski in its day, but that was a while ago.

So, my opinion? Skip 'em and keep looking for something better suited to what you want. I'm 100% sure you could ski on them, but you'd have more fun on something else.
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Much better choices are available. I don't see the point wasting $100 on ancient skis like these. The bindings may not be usable/serviceable. You should peruse the gear swap forums here. Some good deals, and most sellers here are knowledgeable and trustworthy (ie, won't try to sell you ancient skis for $100).

Be on the lookout for skis in the 175-180 cm range for your height and weight.
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Do you have boots that are newer than those Bandit X's?

If -not- (boots are old) then 191 cm Bandit Xs might be easier for you to balance on and use with your current skills than something shorter, stiffer, with more sidecut. Be aware that Marker bindings of that era are not likely to be looked on with much favor, either on these boards, or by the shop that will adjust them to your boots.

If yes (you have newish boots), then I agree with the previous posters.
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These three repsonses have been enough to have me hold off buying these skis. The guy was great about it in Chicago. I have brand new Nordica Gran Sport 10 Boots so I don't have boots as old as the skis. I will now rent for $20 some shop ski and demo as available. Looking for a 175-181 ski over the course of the season no more than 2 years old. Thanks for the help and thanks for not making me feel stupid. I have been on other brutal forums where your virgin post is an adventure. Thanks again.
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I don't know what your budget is, but I am selling a pair of Head iM77, 177cm if you're interested:


There are some other good choices in the gear swap right now.
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One thought. Consider your personal style of skiing in your final selection. If you are a "turner", that is like to make a lot of turns without going fast, then a narrow waisted (60+mm), short turn radius, ski may be best. These would be very easy to turn. If going fast is your thing, then a wider waisted ski would be beneficial, like the IM77 which has a 77 mm waist. Pa or Ohio skiing means very small hills and a 190 cm Rossi would not be a great fit unless you like to go real straight.

There is a now a ski bag surcharge when flying, and that makes renting more attractive when going to western areas plus you don't need to carry your skis.

As a counterpoint, I still use a 5 year old ski with Marker bindings and in certain conditions, that ski is great, bindings are still indemnified and have never released prematurely.

There have been many posts in the equipment for sale section where the poster describes a style of ski and asks "What have you got?" Many great deals have been made.

hope this helps
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