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Filling toe of boot

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I've got a pair of Technica boots my parents bought for me a couple of years back (2005), I've had problems with shin bang after 3-4 days of skiing (and lots of time in the terrain park). So far I've only skied east coast groomers (snowshoe, wv) because my family goes there every year. I can easily ski any slope there with confidence.

From what I've read here the main causes are backseat skiing (only happens when I land wrong on a jump which does happen) and boots being too big. The boots fit tightly around my ankles and aren't packed out, but my toes have a little more room than they should and often times my feet will slide foward slightly on landing.

I'm going to be leaving to go up there on Christmas Eve and I was wonder if there is any way to fix this before I go up there. Some ideas I've had:

- Putting foam or something under the footbed to raise my foot up and make the boot fit tighter.
- Putting a dense foam at the front of the boot in the liner to stop my toes from sliding forward (I was thinking something like tempurpedic type foam)
- Adding some sort of padding above the liner near the toe to compress the liner on my toes a little.
- Booster strap? Would that help for the times I land with my weight too far back on jumps? I have larger calf muscles and the boots fit tightly around my calves/ankles.

- And the last resort, renting boots for this season, I'd rather fix it myself but if it isn't possible I'll rent them, better to spend $$ renting boots than wasting those $$ icing my ankles and not using my lift ticket. Anyone know of a boot fitter at Snowshoe Mountain, WV should it be necessary?

Any input/advice is greatly appreciated.
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You are moving in the right direction. Your boot is too big. Not just in the toe, but in the hold down/back area of the boot. Over the instep into the ankle and heel. Can you buckle the boot tighter for hold down without compromising the comfort?

All of the areas you mention putting fit foam will help to some degree to get the foot to stay towards the back of the boot. The most important for your situation will be adding a shim (or two ) under the liner on top of the bootboard, and a layer of neoprene or an eliminator tongue to give the buckles more power to hold the foot down and back in the boot.

It is not the room in the toe that is allowing the foot to move forward, it is the room everywhere else.

For landing the big ones a booster strap will help to reduce the shin bang and some of the moving around.

Ultimately getting into the correct size boot is the solution, however in terms of saving some dough, you could mitigate some of your problem by throwing shims and fit materials in the boot.

Shims under the liner may also help to reduce some of the pressure on your calf. A bootfitter can also flair or open up the top of the cuff to accomodate your large calf.

Good luck,

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Thank you very much for the advice Jim. I can definitely torque down the buckles some more, up until this season I hadn't researched or learned how to properly set up my equipment myself, I always left the buckles a little looser than I probably should have, I'll make sure to tighten them this season.

I think I'll order the booster strap as well, I've only heard good things about it and I can always transfer it to a new pair of boots as well.
I'm going to try the shims/foam temporary-fix until I can save up to go to a good bootfitter.

Thank you so much for your help!
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what he said

also if the shell fit is 25mm or more odds are not good for a fix.

you want 5-15mm
FAQ has info to measure shell fit
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Thank you for the advice, I'll measure the shell fit later today. I'm pretty sure I'll have just around an inch of room with the liner removed, so that'd be right at the limit of being fixable. I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't work out I'll rent some on the mountain until I can get to a good bootfitter and get a nice pair. The first day of skiing for me this year will be the Dec 25th so I've got a few days to experiment with them.

Thank you guys so much for your help!
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