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I live in Northern VT and have circulatory issues.
60+ days per yr on slopes. These gloves articulate
well but fit on the small side. My hands are Med/Lg
and I had a tight fit in the Lg. I swam in the XL.
The bulk takes some getting acustomed to but not a
major issue.
OR says charger turns green when full, I have yet to
see that happen and after multiple charges and
discharges no green light to be seen. Even after 9
hrs of charging, still no green light. I left the
gloves on in a cold room (Northern VT) after 7 hours
of charging, and after 4 hrs they were bone cold.
This after multiple calls to OR on how to set up and
get proper function. Kudos to OR for the attempt, but
these gloves are just too unreliable for real use.
When the gloves worked they were warm and toasty, so the
tech is sound and I will definitely buy a pair in the
future when they "get it right". IMHO these gloves
belong back with the design team and need more field
test time to work out the kinks. I tried on another
pair at another store and there was a hole in the
stitching in the index finger so buyer beware at this
price. OR of course backs their products with a
bulletproof warranty, but I don't want any downtime
for this kinda money $259.00......I sent these back for
a refund. Maybe the Red Savina's will be more
reliable. I hope so as I have been patiently awaiting
the arrival of this tech.

Mark: aka Yo Momma